Makesense Asia launches groundbreaking tech product: Jobs_that_makesense Asia

Makesense Asia launches groundbreaking tech product: Jobs_that_makesense Asia empowering Southeast Asians to discover purpose-driven careers that resonate with their aspirations!

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Jobs_that_makesense Asia signifies a significant milestone in the realm of job opportunities, poised to revolutionize the landscape of impact-driven careers across the region. 

Manila, Philippines – Makesense Asia proudly announces the official debut of its inaugural tech product, Jobs_that_makesense Asia. This groundbreaking platform signifies a significant milestone in the realm of job opportunities, poised to revolutionize the landscape of impact-driven careers across the region.

Established in 2015 in Manila, Makesense Asia has been a leading force in supporting social entrepreneurship initiatives such as Sinaya Cup, Carego and Uproots, while empowering over 50,000 students across the Philippines to engage in volunteering for the common good. 

With the launch of Jobs_that_makesense Asia, Makesense extends its mission to empower individuals by connecting them with meaningful job opportunities.

We have reached a stage where we can empower every young person to make a meaningful contribution to society. Through makesense, you can volunteer for causes close to your hearts, with Jobs_that_makesense, you have the opportunity to forge a career that actively drives positive change.” states Léa Klein, Founder and President of makesense Asia.

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Léa Klein, President of Makesense Asia

Until now, Jobs_that_makesense exclusively operated in France and amassed a remarkable user base of 2 million users and 6,000 recruiters, facilitating over 350,000 job matchings. Now, with its introduction to Southeast Asia, the platform arrives at a pivotal moment. As the region anticipates a surge in sustainability-linked jobs estimated to reach 30 million by 2030, Jobs_that_makesense Asia steps in to bridge the gap between opportunities and talents.

‘We’re not just matching individuals with jobs; we’re sparking a cultural revolution towards a sustainable and socially-conscious economy.’ She continues, ‘Our goal is to make careers in impact not only desirable but accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and regions. Since launching three months ago, our platform features over 300 monthly job postings, with 60% targeting the Philippines market. This highlights the remarkable expansion of the impact and sustainability sector in the Philippines.'”

Jobs_that_makesense Asia offers an extensive suite of services tailored for both job seekers and recruiters. For job seekers, the platform serves as a central hub for finding impact-related job opportunities, offering resources for skill development and sharing inspiring narratives from industry professionals. “During our launch, we were amazed by the high demand for job opportunities coming from the Philippines. Students and young professionals in the country are actively seeking purpose-driven career opportunities, and we are committed to ensuring they find a job that matches their aspirations,” adds Léa Klein.

Recruiters benefit from a streamlined recruitment process, with access to tools for managing job openings, scheduling interviews, and promoting training programs directly on the platform, all free of charge.

As Jobs_that_makesense Asia embarks on its transformative journey, the team remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation. “This platform is a collaborative effort,” says Léa Klein. “We welcome feedback and collaboration with the impact ecosystem as this platform is made for them.”

For more information and to join the Jobs_that_makesense Asia community, visit Jobs_that_makesense Asia.

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