Reassess, Reprioritize, Retain: Bumble shares how you can refresh relationships during the April spring cleaning season


Does your relationship exist for a reason or just here for a season?

MANILA, Philippines (April 1, 2024) – As the days grow longer and the flowers start to bloom, people are reminded of the opportunity for renewal and growth. Spring isn’t just a change in weather – it’s a chance to refresh relationships and make room for new beginnings. Just as we tidy up our homes during this time, it’s also a perfect time to declutter our minds and hearts, letting go of what no longer serves us, and making space for new, meaningful connections.


According to Bumble, the women-first social networking and dating app, more than half (63%) of Filipino women* surveyed went into this year with a clear view of what they want from their romantic lives. April is as good a time as ever to embrace the spirit of spring cleaning and revitalize your dating life. Whether it’s updating your profile, setting clear intentions, or simply finding new connections, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on what you want in your relationships.


Bumble’s APAC Communication Director, Lucille McCart, says: “Spring is the perfect time to reflect on what you’re truly seeking in your personal relationships. Just as you would declutter your living space where you clear out the cobwebs, shake off the dust, and make room for the light and the new, consider doing the same with your dating life. It’s the perfect time to let go of old connections and conversations that didn’t pan out to make room for new possibilities and potentially new matches on Bumble. Who knows what wonderful things might blossom in the fresh, open space you create?.”


How to spring clean relationships?


Spring cleaning relationships is akin to tidying up a physical space. When people clean a room, they often start by emptying everything out, allowing them to see what they have to work with. Similar to relationships, it’s about uncovering hidden spaces and taking a closer look at the patterns, behaviors, and dynamics within your dating life and determining what needs to be addressed, nurtured, or let go.


In the Philippines, single people are reframing how they date to better protect their mental health by “consider-dating” (one of Bumble’s 2024 dating trends), with almost half (49%) of those surveyed locally actively ‘slow-dating’ and being considerate about how much they are dating to ensure quality over quantity, even more so amongst women (56%). Spring cleaning in your relationships doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take time to assess your relationships and consider which ones should be discarded, which ones can go into the back burner, and which ones should be kept and nurtured.


Here’s how you can think through your relationships:


● Reassess: We all have this relationship in our lives – one that challenges you, fills you with dread, and demands emotional energy. If the sheer thought of being with a person stresses you out, then this is likely a relationship that you should reassess. Prioritize your own well-being and consider walking away for your own good.


● Reprioritize: Relationships in this category are not exactly clear-cut, but essentially, these may be relationships that you might have taken for granted and left on the back burner for a while. They could be connections with whom you’ve shared good times but, for some reason, you didn’t have the energy to pursue in the past. If you find yourself now having the mental space to reconnect with old flames or connections, take the initiative to reach out and let them know your intentions of picking things up where you left off. Who knows, they might feel the same way!


● Retain: These relationships shouldn’t be hard to identify. They’re the ones that make you happy, help you grow, and bring out the best in you. Whether they inspire you to pursue your passions, challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, or simply provide a listening ear when you need someone to talk to – it’s just right to cherish and nurture them.


Tips to “Spring Clean” your dating profile!


Whether you’re an online dating veteran wanting a refresher or in your newbie era, Bumble is sharing its secrets with the help of dating expert and APAC Communications Director, Lucille McCart.


Follow these hacks for positive dating app vibes, only.


● By adding Interest Badges you can boost match potential and plan fun, simple and meaningful dates around mutual interests. If you’re looking for someone like-minded, know that Bumble’s got your back!


● Adding the Astrology Badge to your profile can boost your match potential by 120%**. This is the second most popular badge used by people on Bumble in the Philippines.


● Verify your profile to help your suitors swipe with confidence. Upload the magic number of photos.


● Photo do’s: high quality, recent pics, smiling shots, photos that show off your lifestyle and personality – whether that is traveling, time spent hiking or at the beach, or striking a yoga pose.


● Photo don’ts: too many group photos (your first photo should always be just you), overly filtered or blurry pics, wearing sunglasses in all your shots. Remember that this isn’t social media and it isn’t about getting likes – pick photos that are authentic and show off the real you!


● Log on between 3-4pm on Sundays. That’s the most active time on Bumble in the Philippines as many set their dates for the week ahead.


● Write a bio – even a simple one will increase your chances of matching! Remember this is probably where your potential matches will look for material to start a conversation, and leading with humor and positivity always works best. If you find yourself stuck on what to say, ask a trusted friend to write a first draft for you.

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