Crwn to celebrate long-awaited debut album, Séance with a full performance on May 11, 2024

CrwnPhotographed by Renzo Navarro

Featuring a total of 11 collaborators, crwn’s first full-length album delivers a selection of sounds that span genres and movements across the globe


After 11 long years as an artist forging creative partnerships, acclaimed producer King Puentespina, known as Crwn (stylized as crwn), will be launching his long-awaited debut album, Séance, on May 11, 2024, with an intimate event that not only marks the culmination of his years of musical exploration, but also serves as the first opportunity for fans to experience the album’s dynamism live with all its collaborators.

The dance music-centric album boasts an impressive roster of 11 familiar and new collaborators, showcasing the deep bonds crwn has cultivated throughout his career.

I was conceptualizing Séance and working on a lot of songs for around 5 years after releasing Orchid in 2018,” the prolific electronic musician shares. “It was a lot of thinking, absorbing art, researching and drafting concepts and tracks into existence. The backbone and foundation of the project took time, but the actual making of the music went smoother and a lot quicker than I expected. It was like finding the ingredients took forever, but summoning the art into the world was easy.”

Puentespina adds, “The creative process with my collaborators was smooth and natural. I’d like to say we were all building worlds and stories at a comfortable pace. Everyone got to share what they wanted to share quickly and without any hiccups.”

Photographed by Renzo Navarro

This debut album has been years in the making, and while honing his craft, he has also played in prestigious international festivals like Wonderfruit (Thailand), Malasimbo, and Wanderland, headlined the renowned KARPOS LIVE Concert Series, and captivated audiences in big cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, and New York.

Fans can get their first taste of the album’s energy with the release of the lead single on April 26th. The single, a collaboration with the first of eleven talented artists, promises a dynamic sound that sets the tone for the album.

Details regarding the event’s location and additional featured artists will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Fans eager to join the celebration can secure their tickets for The Gathering on May 11, 2024 through the following link:

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