We heard it time and time again; our hair is our crowning glory. But what do we do once our crowning glory starts to dramatically disappear due to slow hair growth?

Hair loss is caused by various reasons: heredity, nutritional, hormonal, chemical and mechanical trauma, pregnancy, the excess dosage of vitamins A, D, E, and K and stress, among others. Whatever the reasons, hair loss may happen to anybody.

People struggling with hair fall, thinning hair and baldness have tried countless ways to regrow their hair, from drinking supplements to applying herbal hair products. All of these used in vain to not see any improvement in their hair condition.

Naturally, hair goes back to its growth anagen phase once the causes of falling and thinning hair are removed. But it is only with Minoxidil Regroe that there is assurance of stopping falling and thinning hair while initiating the healthy growth of hair.

What is Minoxidil Regroe?

Minoxidil Regroe is a topical hair grower treatment that truly stimulates hair growth of your hair follicles. Minoxidil Regroe works in three ways.

First, Minoxidil relaxes the blood vessels around the hair follicles promoting better oxygenation and blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles – making the environment healthy for hair cells to grow.

Second, only Minoxidil is proven to directly divide and multiply hair cells that produce longer and thicker hair. Improvement of the hair density is also evident after months of use.

Lastly, Minoxidil suppresses androgen action. Minoxidil is an antiandrogen that suppresses dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone responsible for hair loss in hereditary alopecia.

Minoxidil Regroe acts like coffee to the hair follicles, waking them up from a resting phase to an active growth anagen phase. However, it takes time to regrow hair and it varies from person to person or case to case basis. Minoxidil Regroe should be continuously used to see visible results and maintain the growth of healthy hair. With Minoxidil, the hair growth phase can continue from two to three years.

Investigative researches done in America and Europe showed that nothing can be at par with the wonders of Minoxidil. There is no discovery that could equal the works of Minoxidil when it comes to treating falling and thinning hair for the past 40 years.

Although unseen with the naked eye, hair will start to grow on the first day of use. Ideally, with twice (2x) a day application of Regroe, new, longer and thicker hair growth will be visible within two (2) months of continuous use. The full effect of Minoxidil Regroe can be achieved within six (6) months of continued usage. Tolerable mild irritation and itching may occur during the growing process of the hair.

Minoxidil Regroe is safe to use as it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines and the US. This is the only real hair grower in the market.

With Minoxidil Regroe, reclaim your crown and wear it confidently! TRUST AND USE ONLY THE REAL HAIR GROWER. For more information regarding Minoxidil Regroe, visit

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