BLACKWATER - A senator’s life beyond politics

Shown here with his wife Tootsy, Sen. Sonny Angara is able to balance work, play and family time while still looking hip and cool which is definitely the perfect representation of a Blackwater man. 

If Senator Sonny Angara were a scent, he would be a cool and fresh scent with citrusy notes. With his charismatic smile, pleasing personality and a compassionate heart for women, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, it’s hardly a surprise that despite setbacks in his life and career, he always comes up smelling of the proverbial roses. 

But this does not only translate in his political persona. Outside the world of politics, he is just as cool a father and husband.

The young senator was truly in his element during the recent photo shoot for Blackwater where he posed with wife Tootsy. He shared, “As a father, I’m caring and playful – I like to play with my kids. I’m not much of a disciplinarian. I let them make their own mistakes because it is all part of growing up. And as a husband, I try to be supportive as much as I can and I try to be interested in what she’s doing.”

A family man through and through, he makes sure that his days off are spent with them. “My days are hectic and structured, so I prefer my weekends to be very relaxed. Sometimes we just stay home and order food or sometimes we go to the mall. Nothing too hectic!”

Basketball is his preferred form of de-stressing. Luckily, he gets to incorporate his love for the sport with his work. He is the chair of Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) and vice chair of the Senate sports committee. “It’s (basketball) a chance to get to see my friends and build camaraderie with my co-workers,” he said.

Aside from basketball as an exercise, getting a haircut and wearing a great scent are also his forms of self-care. “I like a nice scent. I prefer light, fresh scents that are a bit citrusy like Blackwater Aqua and Blackwater Sports 4.”

While he may have already achieved so much in his career, having sponsored and authored more than 80 laws throughout his 14 years as a legislator, he still has big dreams for himself and his family.

“I want my family to succeed. I wish for my wife to continue to succeed in her professional life. I want my son to get into a good school and I hope he keeps up with his sports activities. My daughter is thinking of a career in the arts. Whatever she wants to pursue, I will support her.”

A man who is able to balance work, play and family time while still looking hip and cool, Angara is definitely the Blackwater man.

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