Celebrate Financial Independence with your #SunLifePerfectMatch

Filipinos are known to spend money as soon we earn it, we don't dwell about the present and don't think much about the future. When thinking about saving, we deposit money in the bank and avoid huge investments due to the risk of losing it. Only a few are educated about the advantages of getting insurance and how much it can affect their future.

According to Sun Life’s SOLAR (Study of Lifestyle and Relationships), only 38% of Filipinos are willing to take  risks in investing to earn more and only 8% actually invest.  In addition, only 16% claim to purchase life insurance despite 88% of Filipinos worrying about their financial situation in case something happens to the breadwinner of the family.

Achieving lifetime financial security is achievable and this is where Sun Life Financial Advisors can help. Sun Life has over 11,000 financial advisors and goes by the core values (1) professional in doing business; (2) one who cares for your welfare; (3) a desire to win for your dreams; and (4) an inspiring commitment to serve rather than sell.

June is the Financial Independence Month and Sun Life has launched the #SunLifePerfectMatch campaign. The Advisor Match tool can be accessed by logging on to advisormatch.sunlife.com.ph.
Enter your location to generate a list of advisors in your vicinity. Each profile contains a short description of their credentials and how they can extend help – a very nifty way to show you what they have to offer.

Finding your #SunLifePerfectMatch should never be difficult. Learn more about finding the right partner in your financial journey. Login now to advisormatch.sunlife.com.ph

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