BingoPlus joins celebration for industry trailblazers at VP Choice Awards

BingoPlus, your comprehensive entertainment platform in the country and provider of your favorite online tongits, bingo, and perya games, joins hands with Village Pipol to celebrate the annual VP Choice Awards for 2024.

As an established staple of the entertainment industry, BingoPlus has become a household platform for fun and leisure. The brand’s efforts in bringing the excitement of playing various Philippine games to the comfort of one’s home has allowed it to create experiences that transcend physical limitations and build connections through shared pastimes. BingoPlus continues to work towards refining the way Filipinos enjoy their time, ensuring better access to a wider range of games without compromising on the facets that make them enjoyable like the social enjoyment from playing with a group.
While BingoPlus is primarily involved in the gaming and entertainment industry, the brand has always aimed to elevate the leisure and enjoyment experience of Filipinos nationwide as a whole. This core principle aims to encompass the entirety of what “leisure and entertainment” means to the country, from local traditions to national events.
BingoPlus plays the role of an active supporter and champion of Philippine culture and entertainment. Many of the brand’s efforts include partnering with organizers across the country to make a variety of events more memorable to the Filipinos. This year alone saw BingoPlus travel to Cebu for Sinulog 2024, to Iloilo for the Dinagyang Festival, and to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival.
Beyond traditional celebrations, BingoPlus also involves itself in modern forms of entertainment that are particularly important to Filipinos like pageants and awarding events. Notably, BingoPlus has taken on the mantle of Miss Universe Philippines 2024’s lead presenter. Its efforts range from preparing a summer photoshoot to spearheading an interactive campaign called #GandaPlus to hosting a special voting campaign for Miss BingoPlus 2024.

This year, BingoPlus has also included Village Pipol among its list of partners, joining the VP Choice Awards as the official presentor.

The VP Choice Awards is meant to recognize the names and brands who have made exceptional contributions to the travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and technology industries. Winners of each category are chosen by the public through Facebook-based voting. For 2024, BingoPlus provided a second voting platform for the VP Choice Awards by creating a voting portal that was accessible through the brand’s website and online app during the voting period. It also presented two special awards during the event, which was presented by Angela Camins-Wieneke of BingoPlus Foundation.

The first award, Group Performer of the Year, was presented to Ppop boy group BGYO, while the second award, Celestial Star of the Night, was presented to actress Vivoree and actor Jeff Moses. The Celestial Star of the Night awardees each received Php 50,000 cash.
BingoPlus similarly brought home its own award, which was the VPCA for Charity and Technology Excellence. This award recognizes the societal impact of the BingoPlus Foundation, particularly in providing communities with accessible healthcare, education, security, and technological innovation.

Outside the awarding, BingoPlus made sure to entertain event goers and supporters alike by hosting an online campaign during the VP Choice Awards red carpet livestream. The brand encouraged viewers to like and share the event poster with answers to the poster’s questions and the hashtags #BPxVPCA and #5thVPChoiceAwardsNight. The campaign offered winners a total of Php 50,000 on GCash.

Event attendees, meanwhile, were treated to several BingoPlus freebies from the BingoPlus booth. The merchandise varied from a BingBing stuffed toy to a clear tote bag to a small pouch.

Dedicated to both its goals and the people, BingoPlus maintains its commitment to provide Filipinos with an online platform where they can leisurely access their favorite games as well as establish relationships within the household and community. By collaborating with Village Pipol, the brand believes it will be able to further understand the best way to provide exciting experiences to the Filipinos. The VP Choice Awards is also an opportunity for BingoPlus to gain a better grasp on what is enjoyable and entertaining for both its audience and industry peers.

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