Havas Red Philippines launches SWAY, an influencer marketing arm focusing on influencers and their subcultures

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Manila, Philippines – In today’s digital landscape where understanding cultural contexts reigns supreme, one agency is redefining the concept of influence. SWAY by HAVAS Red digs deep into the nuances of subcultures, considering their significance in contemporary marketing strategies.

Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on metrics like followers, reach, impressions, likes, and engagements, SWAY by HAVAS Red emphasizes authentic connections within smaller, more defined niche communities that represent subcultures. It recognizes the power of genuine voices, especially in social media platforms.

By understanding the language of diverse subcultures, SWAY by HAVAS Red provides brands a more genuine and meaningful way to engage with their audiences. It prioritizes targeted, but more relevant, communication that brings real engagement and builds brand loyalty within specific communities.

Subculture-focused influencer marketing represents a significant shift in marketing. Previously reliant on traditional paid celebrity endorsements, we now harness the power of focused collectives,” said Jos Ortega, CEO of Havas Ortega and General Manager of HAVAS Red Philippines. “Influencers have become trusted leaders and catalysts for change. By curating collaborative campaigns that align with their core values and those of the subcultures they influence, we foster deeper engagement and brand loyalty, all while respecting the unique interests of these passionate communities.”

Photo202 Jos20Ortega

Jos Ortega, CEO of Havas Ortega and General Manager of HAVAS Red Philippines

“We are redefining influencer marketing in the Philippines,” added Dayniel Garcia, Head of SWAY by HAVAS Red Philippines. “The emergence of subcultures signaled the need to analyze and further explore the cultural context. Fortunately, we have proprietary strategic and measurement tools that inspire fresh approaches that deliver results.”

At the heart of SWAY’s approach is HAVAS Ortega’s planning philosophy called Mx (Meaningful Experience) that is built on the confluence of the three C’s — Connection, Context, and Content — facilitating the delivery of the right message, in the right format, to the right audience at the opportune moment when they are receptive to messages and open to persuasion.

Photo203 Dayniel20Garcia

Dayniel Garcia, Head of SWAY by HAVAS Red Philippines

In essence, SWAY by HAVAS Red Philippines redefines influencer marketing by championing a subculture-focused approach. In a world dominated by superficial metrics, SWAY by HAVAS Red sends a clear message that measurable, meaningful connections are the cornerstone of lasting impact.

Interested in working with SWAY by HAVAS Red? Send an email to dayniel.garcia@havasred.com.

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