Sun Peso Maximizer (Proincome): Maximizing Peso Assets With Sun Life’s New Investment-linked Insurance Product

In a bid to address Filipinos’ need for more avenues to invest in offshore investments, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. has launched the Sun Peso Maximizer (ProIncome) to provide clients easy access to global investments using their Peso assets.

The Sun Peso Maximizer (ProIncome) is a Peso-denominated, single-pay investment-linked insurance product that offers annual income payout of 4.30% for seven years. It also provides capital protection, allowing one to get back their full single premium by policy maturity or at the end of the seven-year holding period.

“With the Sun Peso Maximizer, clients can enjoy regular earnings even prior to the maturity of their policy. This will provide them with extra income to address various needs such as growing their wealth while preserving their capital,” Sun Life Philippines Chief Distribution Officer Al Quitangon said.

Moreover, the product also offers life insurance coverage, with a guaranteed benefit of at least 125% of the one-time premium payment.

“It’s a complete financial solution. With the life insurance protection component, clients can have peace of mind that no matter what happens, a bright future is guaranteed for their loved ones,” Quitangon added.

Those interested in the Sun Peso Maximizer (ProIncome) can experience a convenient application and policy approval through the Guaranteed Insurability Offer, subject to the terms set by Sun Life.

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