Spend the Holidays at Calle Bistro at these 5 Restos

The Calle Bistro, an upscale refuge in Commonwealth Quezon City, is located in the rear corner of the bustling Ever Gotesco Mall and is sure to sate your taste for adventure. These 5 dining establishments are definitely worth a visit.

Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar

Filipino food at its finest while being reasonably priced. Their menu keeps changing to suit our kababayans' ever-evolving tastes. They serve delicious Crispy Pata and, of course, the best Sizzling Pork Sisig around. They have everything a person could want. Try their 5-person set meal menu too. Remember to include cool drinks and ice treats in your order.


Banapple offers delicious hot meals prepared at home, including their popular chicken parmigiano, lasagna roll-ups, and hickory-smoked country ribs, in addition to pies, cakes, and cheesecakes. They also serve sandwiches, pasta, and delicious pancakes. 

Black Scoop Cafe

Known for serving the fist black soft serve ice cream, Black Scoop Cafe expanded to frappes, lattes, chocolate drinks, and milk tea. Ordering the cheesecake milk tea is a must! The food is better than what you would expect from a milk tea shop. I always notice so many students hanging out, so I guess the prices are fair and student-friendly.


Real Chinese food is served at this restaurant. Satisfy your craving for seafood and brighten your day with the savory taste of Hap Chan's Chinese Classic Fish Selections. There is a vast assortment of dishes. Also, taste and enjoy their mixed meat canton's delicious sauce, tender meat, and nutty noodles. Every time we visit a Chinese restaurant, we always order beef and broccoli because it's a dish that they never get wrong. Hap Chan doesn't either; the broccoli isn't overdone, the sauce is delicious, the mushrooms are plentiful, and the beef strips are tender.

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

A certified American resto and home to the Champion Buffalo Wings. It is the real deal! I have a strong preference for spicy food. You can only imagine how eager I was for this restaurant to open. And believe me when I say that their wings do not let you down. They also serve other foods like fries, nachos, and burritos.

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