Clara Benin - can’t wait to see you on christmas day

The multi-awarded Filipino singer-songwriter celebrates the Christmas season with the release of a blissful tune

Clara Benin warms up the holiday season with the release of her new single, “can’t wait to see you on christmas day.”

The sweet little tune expresses the joy of returning to someone on Christmas and finding home, not necessarily in a place or entity, but in the company of people that matter.

“I wrote it thinking of my family and the heart-warming feeling of our Christmas reunions, where all our worries melt away, replaced by thankfulness and joy,” the Filipino singer-songwriter explains.

Written and produced in the comfort of her own home, Clara Benin wanted a song that evokes the endearing warmth of the holidays, where spending one’s precious time with folks she considers family makes living truly worthwhile and memorable.

Despite the logistical challenges that she encountered during the recording of the song in early October, the prolific folk-pop artist pulled through the odds with a compelling track whose sense of comfort radiates in every note and chord.

“It took me multiple attempts to get the right take because my home studio isn't soundproof, and the rain could be heard in the background during the recording,” Clara reveals. “I managed to record the song one early morning and finished at around 4 a.m.”

According to Clara, the song holds a special place in her heart as it started out as a collaborative effort with her fans in her Patreon community. She even solicited their help for words and phrases that bring to mind the essence of Christmas and somehow used it as part of her writing exercise.

“Shoutout to my Patreon member Stephen Duma, whose line 'all the longing finds hope in the faces we call home' deeply resonated with me, and I knew it had to be a part of the song,” Clara shares in a statement.

Clara Benin’s “can’t wait to see you on christmas day” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via OFFMUTE and Sony Music Entertainment.

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