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Working remotely from home isn't all that bad. We get to do our jobs comfortably in the comfort of our abode, save time and effort in commuting, and here's my favorite part..I get more sleep. With so much free time on my hands, I realized how much repair our house needs that I haven't been paying attention to for quite a while. It was challenging to address each issue as I have not had enough experience fixing so much as anything but I figured it all out eventually. I couldn't believe myself either. Everything's so much easier with video guides from the internet. There were so much info that I've made so many mistakes before getting it right.

Now, I'm way past fixing the house and in fact I have so many ideas about renovating. I've recently accumulated some tools for basic repairs but I feel that I could accomplish so much more if I have the right equipment.

Wouldn't it be nice if there's something to help us make the job easier? Power tools are specifically made for this task and could save us time and effort. Check out these Mitsushi products below that are not just affordable but are also known for its Japan technology. Their products include welding, drilling, and other power tools.

Mitsushi MT954 220-240V 600W Angle Grinder

For a variety of metal fabrication, a handheld device such as this is useful for cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing and polishing. They're versatile and can also be utilized to cut tile,
mortar and pavers; make quick work of rust and loose paint removal; and sharpen blades. It has a Max Disc Diameter of 100mm/4, a No-load Speed of 12000r/min, a Rated lnput Power of 600W, a Rated Voltage of 220-2240V~, and a Rated Frequency of 60Hz.

Mitsushi XH-10A 620W 220V Bubble Spirit Level Electric Drill

If you think drills are only used for boring holes, then think again! It's as versatile as the previously mentioned device, facilitated by a number of accessories and attachments. Imagine being able to perform sanding, screwdriving, grinding, mixing paint, and the list goes on and on. It has a Rater Power of 620W, a Drill Diameter of 10mm, a Rated Voltage of 220V, a No-Load Speed (r/min) of 0-3300, and a Rated Frequency of 50-60Hz.

Gone are the days when welding machines were bulky and expensive. This type is far lighter than conventional ones and way tinier too that it's smaller than a suitcase and can be conveniently carried anywhere. It adopts IGBT technology, energy-saving and is suited for various welding rods such as acidity. Its Alkalescent and heat-resisting steel makes it highly efficient, light, compact, and easy to operate.

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