How Playing Browser-Based Online Games Saves my Weekend

It's Saturday again and there's nothing better to do than chill, eat, and watch a movie. But I usually get bored of that routine so I end up playing a video game. After all, ever since I was young, it has been my habit to finish a game whenever there's a new one. Unfortunately all my consoles are all gone since they're all busted. In retrospect, the first game I played was Pong from an Atari owned by my cousin. Then my dad bought me my own Nintendo Family computer which became my most prized possession. 

Even before, video games has been one of the greatest inventions for me. Sega Genesis arrived, and after a while, the Playstation but nothing's more versatile than the personal computer. I've seen games evolve and PCs even made it cooler. Solving cases from "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" used to be my favorite back then. Usually, the size of a computer game determines how complicated it was. They were stored in floppy disks and changed to micro-floppy for its more durable nature.

Owning a PC meant you could perform a deal of tasks: from word processing, watching videos, to playing your favorite game. Finally, I didn't have to pay for them because I can download for free. However, it took an eternity due to the ultraslow dial-up connection. I eventually grew tired of waiting for my downloads to finish. Thank God for Flash games! It enabled anyone to upload their games on the Net and you could play it for free and the best part.. it could be enjoyed on a browser.


What's not to love about browser-based games? There's no subscription needed, no need to fill your hard drive with big amount of data, they're easy to access, a wide variety to choose from, and no need to store bulky discs or worry about scratching them. Oh, and it also loads lightning fast. 

Recently, I spent a lot of time playing Frogtastic, Endless Siege, and Star Wars X-Wing Fighter. A word of caution, they are highly engaging that I played from Saturday night 'til the wee hours of the morning.

Frogtastic is a tile-matching puzzle video game similar to the classic game Zuma that is about a frog spitting out colored marbles. Match with at least two balls with the same color and destroy them. This one's a classic and is so easy to play. 

Under Siege

Let me tell you a bit about Endless Siege. In this tower defense game, you can lay towers on any square of the playing field except for the enemies' path. It has three different towers that you can level up and upgrade. It'll teach you a thing or two about patience. Everyday there's a new map which makes it a new challenge every single time you get back to the site. Also, the playing speed can be controlled and can even be paused. No wonder it's one of their most played games and yes, a rating of perfect 5. I stumbled upon them while I searched for games online and I landed on

Ended up scoring 96,000 before the day ended

Nothing beats the excitement of beating the high scores in the arcade. I used to play shooter games with my bud decades ago. Playing as a team meant we could help each other out and reach more levels. Star Wars X-Wing Fighter recreates that feeling and lets you in the cockpit of the popular aircraft. It is a Star Wars horizontal flying shooter game. The Power charge is a feature you'll be using a lot. Press the space bar until the three energy bars fill out or release it even before it's maxed out. Blast your way through various foes much like Son Goku unleashing the Kamehameha to put a hole in Frieza's almost indestructible body. What an awesome way to de-stress!

X-Wing Fighter

It was perfect for getting me prepped up for writing. A lazy Saturday evening indeed and even though I finished playing in the morning, it was able to get my creative writing juices flowing.  They're just three of the exciting games from the site and I know I'll keep coming back for the same even if I find new ones.

How do you  spend your weekends? Are you a fan of browser-based games too? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments section.


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