Delivering an eco-friendly solution: Jollibee rolls out E-bike Delivery

The Jollibee Delivery E-Bikes makes for more efficient and sustainable deliveries of your langhap-sarap favorites

Jollibee, everyone’s well-loved red bee, gives people more reasons to be joyful as it shifts to a more environmentally friendly way of delivering your favorite meals!

In partnership with ECOS Environmental Foundation, Inc. which seeks to achieve environmentally sustainable development, and together with the Department of Transportation, Jollibee is taking the lead in revolutionizing environmentally conscious transportation for delivery. The company is launching its initial fleet of E-bikes, the first road legal E-bikes in the country, in its bid to reduce its carbon footprint and impact to the environment.

“We’re extremely thrilled and proud to partner with Jollibee in this positive undertaking”, said Shinsuke Kawauchi of ECOS Environment Foundation Inc. and Environmentally Sustainable Technology Development Inc (ESTD). “With the amount of deliveries that Jollibee riders do within the day, shifting to the use of E-bikes can play a huge role in making their operations more sustainable and efficient, by reducing environmental impact thanks to zero emissions.”

Made and assembled in Japan, the Jollibee Delivery E-bikes—to be first rolled out in three branches: Jollibee Emerald Avenue (Ortigas Center, Pasig), Jollibee BGC Triangle (BGC, Taguig), and Jollibee Molino (Cavite)—are lightweight, do not need gasoline or fuel, and come equipped with E-push technology, making it easier to ride in rough terrain or even steep slopes.

In addition, when compared to traditional motorcycles, the Jollibee Delivery E-bikes have a longer motor lifespan of 15 to 20 years, a 4 to 5-year battery life, are noise-free and run with zero CO2 emissions. Thus, long-term operational costs are made cheaper, more economical, and eco-friendly.

By rolling them out in bustling CBDs, Jollibee aims to reduce emissions in an ever-crowded metropolis, playing an important role in mitigating climate change.

“We at Jollibee acknowledge the role that companies need to play in affecting positive change. We’re happy to share that we are piloting various initiatives, one of which is the use of E-bikes for Jollibee Delivery, to drive eco-friendly efforts in the country,” says Mario Malalis, Integrated Back-end Delivery Director of Jollibee National Business Channels.

After its pilot run, Jollibee plans to eventually replace its existing motorcycle fleet with the E-bikes. “Yes, it’s a small step, but a necessary one as we continue to come up with more ways to help care for our environment. We’re also looking at launching other eco-friendly initiatives in the near future,” added Malalis.

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