Road safety tips for a fun and unforgettable trip

The summer season means going on vacations, long road trips, and fun and exciting out-of-town excursions with family and friends. To make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable, it truly pays to practice road safety before and while you are behind the wheel. Remember, safety first always!

Here are some road safety tips from AXA Philippines, one of the leading insurance companies in the country:

Have your car checked. Take your car to your trusted mechanic and have the battery, lights, oil, water, brakes, air, and gas (B.L.O.W.B.A.G.) checked, as well as your air conditioner. Always have a tool kit and a usable spare tire ready, in case of a flat tire.

Get a good rest before you hit the road. Driving long distances with very little sleep is dangerous as it can affect your alertness and your overall driving skills. Having coffee or a caffeinated drink may not be enough. So get that proper shut-eye — at least six to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep — before that trip.

Plan your route. When going somewhere far for the first time, it’s best to do research first on the surrounding areas, the best routes to take, and the general road conditions there. Download a navigation app on your smartphone so you don’t get lost or get stuck in heavy traffic.

Buckle up, even if you’re a rear seat passenger. It’s important to wear your seatbelt — for the driver as well as front and rear seat passengers. This safety restraint system can protect you in times of collisions and prevent you from hitting the dashboard, the windshield, the seat in front of you, or worse.

Keep your distance. Be conscious of braking distances and leave a safe space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you, so in case of an abrupt stop, a potential collision can be avoided.

Insure your vehicle. Having car insurance, like the comprehensive insurance coverage offered by AXA Philippines, can protect you against losses and liabilities arising from road mishaps. AXA Car Insurance is available for purchase online. Its policy holders can also avail of 24/7 emergency roadside assistance coverage across the country. This insurance product also offers the AXA Assist app, which presents a first-of-its-kind emergency red button. In case of emergencies, the application sends a distress message and location of the policy holder to emergency contact person/s, and AXA Assistance’s command center. What this brings is added peace of mind and security, so you can enjoy your drive and your trip!

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