Tokenized real estate: A better way to buy and sell properties

Are you a retiree who wants to live in the Philippines? Are you a businessman looking for properties to purchase? Did you know that there’s a better, faster, and safer way to do this? Welcome to the world of C Estates Inc.!

Housed at One Global Place in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, C Estates will soon launch its tokenized real estate exchange platform that will make buying and selling properties easy for everyone. By using the platform which is based on blockchain technology, the company hopes to create attractive investment opportunities in the Philippines.

As the name implies, tokenized real estate means that ownership interest in real estate is represented by virtual tokens that exist on a blockchain. This is the same technology used in popular cryptocurrencies, but tokenizing real estate complies with security regulations.

Among others, the token can represent ownership in the asset, equity in the legal structure that owns the asset, or income based on cash flows from the asset. This is a far cry from the old and outdated way of regular real estate transactions that take time and rely heavily on documents.

By using the C Estates platform, investors can buy shares in various properties, earn rental income based on the tokens they have, and sell tokens at a higher price when the value of the property increases.

Tokenization and the blockchain have many advantages over traditional real estate methods like increased liquidity and transparency, enhanced security, and simplified management. However, some people may find it difficult. Fortunately, C Estates is here to make things easy.

“We hope to break the barriers that prevent investors from doing business in the country. I envision the platform to be a complete ecosystem and marketplace in the digital world where real estate companies can do business fast, easily, and securely. In this system, everyone wins because everyone will earn,” according to Teruo Sumida, C Estates founder and CEO.

“With the help of C Estates, investors from all over the world can buy local properties at the best prices, liquidate them anytime, and pay minimal transaction fees. Unlike the traditional way of doing things, buyers and sellers will have peace of mind,” he added.

Sumida is no stranger to the local real estate market. The young head of C Estates has lived in the country for the past 15 years. He started an online gaming company in 2003 and sold it in 2008 to concentrate on real estate.

“The Philippines was not affected by the financial crisis and the market had a big potential. I introduced local properties to Japanese investors and sold 2,000 condo units in Makati in the first five years. We have very affordable payment terms for OFWs until the condo is completed, and these attracted a lot of foreign buyers,” he explained.

Sumida and his hardworking staff speak from their experiences as property consultants for foreign-owned condominiums in the country. His team with the Capitarise Corporation once managed Versailles Stay at One Central, a high-end condotel mostly for foreigners in Makati City, and The 8 Newton that offers properties in Cebu for Japanese retirees. This project is in partnership with Megaworld Corporation, one of the most recognized and top developers in the country.

“We started as a traditional real estate company, but we found a better way of doing things. Investors no longer need to contend with long lines, wasted hours, and tiring legwork to confirm and validate documents. With C Estates, you can do everything online and all you need is the tip of your finger,” Sumida concluded. For more information about tokenized real estate, visit or email

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