Healthier Rice Through Reduction of Starch Made Possible by Grayns Rice Cooker

In search of an effective way to lose pounds, I stumbled upon a revolutionary health cooker.

A media launch was held at Shangri-la hotel, a detailed discussion about a two-year old product from Malaysia was presented. Grayns rice cooker; sounds like grains, so I thought. Could this help prevent obesity or possibly be the answer to our health problems? Read on to find out.

Grayns is the only one of its kind. This invention is from Malaysia and in a recent study conducted, the said country ranks the highest in obesity rate across Asia and the Philippines is at 4th place. Is carbs bad? Should we remove it completely from our diet? Carbs are classified into two: Rapidly Digestible Starch and Slowly Digestible Starch.

Rapidly Digestible Starch (RDS) is absorbed fast in the bloodstream giving way to a spike in the glucose levels whereas the Slowly Digestible Starch (SDS) is absorbed slowly, our body's energy level will rise gradually and it makes you feel full for longer. Oats contains SDS. Uncooked grains like rice, wheat and barley also has SDS but if cooked improperly, it releases RDS.

How does Grayns rice cooker work?

It actually is similar to how we traditionally cook rice. Excess water after boiling is removed from the conventional rice cooker since starch is in the water. However, effectively removing starch the through the traditonal method is a long and tedious process which takes about three hours . Grayns rice cooker automatically cooks rice in forty minutes in such a way that it produces SDS or Slowly Digestible Starch. The processes involved in cooking are: Thermosense - wherein a low temperature pasteurization occurs to gelatinize the rice to release the RDS into the water. Next stage is Debond - where the temperature is maintained for gelatinization to continue so that most of the RDS is rid out. After that, RDS is Transuded or in other words, discharged through the tiny membranes below the cooker and drained into a Starch collection tray. Last stage is Demoisturize to make the rice fluffy to reach its full volume and in turn makes you feel full, it also removes excess moisture to prolong the life of rice of up to 5 days or more when left outside at room temperature in a climate like ours.


In comparison, rice cooked in Grayns rice cooker has 30-35% lower on the Glycemic index which translates to a healthier alternative not just for Diabetics but also for people with Heart disease, Obesity, premature ageing, high cholesterol levels, and Cancer.

An added and notable feature of the product is the ability to control the moisture and softness of rice that means it is best for any variant of rice: white, red, brown, or black. It can even cook vegetables and native Filipino delicacies.

For now, there is only a single model of this apparatus but variations like one with a bigger capacity will be available in the future. It can be purchased for Php27,000 and is retailed at Abensons and Rustans in Metro Manila and it can be purchased in Cebu and Davao as well.

Is a healthy product worth the buy? Crash dieting can never be a sustainable solution to our health woes, a lifestyle change is and personally, I am sold at this invention.

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