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FREE DUNKIN DONUT on June 16,2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Yep! It's free.  You read it right... With the price of Donuts going higher and higher, who could resist such a promo.

Dunkin Donuts always comes up with crazy yet effective tactics (Does Choco Festival ring a bell?)

Better read the details on the pic though, it's only available from 2pm-3pm.

Will they be serving premium donuts? I dunno. But if they do, imagine sinking your teeth into your favorite flavor like Sansribav • Dark Crunch • Milky Bliss • Choco Nirvana  Chunky Choconut • Chococcino • Quezo Duo • Almond Caramel  Coffee Crumble • Blueberry Cheese • Black Forest • Pineapple Express

I wonder how long the lines will be tomorrow. I'm sure it will be longer than the lines in Lotto outlets.

And one more thing, it's only for the kids -- and the kids at heart

Go Ahead. Spoil yourself a little. (After all, its free!)
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