dwta yearns for the comfort of someone she calls home on new single “Pauwi Na 'Ko (Dito Ka Na Lang)”


The catchy, stripped-down track showcases the best of both Filipino and Bicolano language, lovingly combined to express her authentic storytelling style


Dwta (stylistically spelled as dwta), or Jhasmine Villanueva in real life, has released her new single “Pauwi Na ‘Ko (Dito Ka Na Lang)” via Sony Music Entertainment.

The upbeat pop track expresses the breakthrough star’s excitement of going back home and experiencing a love filled with comfort and security. Written as a paean to her hometown and as a love letter to the person she considers her greatest confidante, “Pauwi Na ‘Ko (Dito Ka Na Lang)” showcases dwta’s earnest songwriting style, which combines Filipino and Bicolano language to convey a narrative that is both inclusive and personal.

Since I speak both languages fluently, why not just mix them?,” dwta reflects.  “When they hear a Bikol verse, it instantly transports those who don’t understand Bikol into a different world, creating a magical feeling. It’s like letting them experience Bicol through the song.”

The track stands out with the acclaimed folk-pop artist’s ability to turn sharp-witted and conversational lines into a compelling piece of storytelling—a signature quality that’s present in most, if not the majority, of her songs.

According to dwta, she penned the stripped-down tune the night before going back to Bicol. Inspired by her yearning to return home to be with her loved ones and family, Jhasmine picked up a guitar and started writing the song. In less than two hours, she was able to finish “Pauwi Na ‘Ko (Dito Ka Na Lang)” with an effortlessly charming arrangement that blends acoustic elements with pop and bossa nova influences.

Pauwi Na ‘Ko (Dito Ka Na Lang) is a song where not only the lyrics but also the melody tells a story,” the young singer-songwriter reveals. “It transports you back home or into the arms of your loved ones. The song talks about the feeling of wanting to go home or just wanting that person beside you wherever you go forever; the excitement of seeing your loved ones or tasting their home-cooked meals. This feeling was what I felt upon writing the song.”

Pauwi Na ‘Ko (Dito Ka Na Lang)” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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