Clean, Cheap, yet Reliable: Alpas Pinas Champions Nuclear Energy as Key to Philippines' Economic Growth


Quezon City, Philippines – November 24, 2023 – Alpas Pinas, a non-stock, non-profit organization that leads in advocating the use of clean, cheap, yet reliable energy solutions, champions the exploration of nuclear power as a cornerstone for economic resurgence amid the Philippines' looming energy crisis.

Last Wednesday, November 15, the Philippine House Bill No. 9293 aimed at establishing an independent nuclear regulator, the Philippine Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (PhilATOM) was passed on second reading after extensive plenary deliberations at the House of Representatives. This bill was spearheaded by Congressman Mark Cojuangco, Pangasinan 2nd District Representative and Chairman of the House Special Committee on Nuclear Energy, along with 213 co-authors. 

For Alpas Pinas Lead Convenor Gayle Certeza, this scenario highlights even more the importance of exploring the use of nuclear energy, which can serve more than just a power source--it can be a catalyst for economic rejuvenation. 

“Nuclear energy’s reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness position it as a crucial element in addressing our energy deficit while propelling economic growth,” Certeza said during a recent Pandesal Forum, a unique civic project held in Kamuning Bakery CafĂ© in Quezon City, which sheds light on issues of national concern. 

Certeza added that nuclear energy offers a cleaner alternative, producing no greenhouse gas emissions and aligning with the nation's environmental commitments. Over the course of its life cycle, nuclear produces the same amount of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions per unit of electricity as wind, and one-third emissions per unit of electricity when compared to solar. This aspect can help position the Philippines at the forefront of global efforts to combat climate change. 

Nuclear energy also distinguishes itself with its affordability and reliability. Once operational, nuclear power plants provide a consistent and cost-effective source of electricity, giving businesses a competitive edge and bolstering investor confidence. Nuclear will make electric affordable to more Filipino families. It will lower their electric bills giving them extra money for other necessities.

Congressman Cojuangco echoed this sentiment, stating, “The economic impact of affordable and dependable energy cannot be overstated. Reduced operational costs for businesses and the stability it offers to investors significantly contribute to economic growth.”

Cojuangco further noted that the integration of nuclear energy into the country's energy portfolio promises not only power but also employment opportunities. The construction and maintenance of nuclear plants demands a skilled workforce, fostering employment and skill development across sectors.

With the nation's aim for energy self-sufficiency, the inclusion of nuclear power emerges as a strategic move. It not only addresses the impending energy crisis but also lays the foundation for sustainable economic development.

“Alpas Pinas stands firm in its advocacy for the integration of nuclear energy into the Philippines' energy mix to drive economic growth. Its cleanliness, affordability, and reliability not only address the impending energy crisis but also pave the way for sustainable progress and steady economic growth, marking the Philippines as a frontrunner in clean energy innovation,” Certeza concluded.

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