Hazel Faith reinvents Christmas songs with technicolored glow in new bop “Pasko Kasama Mo”

Filipina songstress Hazel Faith spreads the joy of the Yuletide season with the release of her upbeat Christmas tune “Pasko Kasama Mo” via WATERWALK RECORDS and Sony Music Entertainment.

Revisiting the holiday experience with technicolored bounce, funky chords, and ‘80s city pop lilt, “Pasko Kasama Mo” finds the rising phenom bringing back the gilded memories of Christmas while reminding listeners why it’s the best time of the year.

“My mother has been asking me to write Christmas songs since forever,” says the multi-talented act. “But I had a hard time writing my own because I felt like all the great Christmas messages had already been made. For that reason, and the truth that I only saw Christmas as a tradition, left me uninspired. But after the Lord renewed my faith, it’s like my vision turned technicolor. Suddenly, I was excited to celebrate Christmas. Not because of the parties, the foods, or the gifts but because I was finally looking at the One whom Christmas is all about. Truly Christmas felt hollow without Christ himself. And that led me to writing Pasko Kasama Mo. This was finally something I had a unique perspective to.”

The track was written by Hazel Faith herself, and was arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered by Albert Tamayo, a good friend of the gospel-pop sensation. Faith, in particular, felt eternally grateful to Tamayo for being part of her music journey and lending his talent to the project.

“It’s a joy for me to be able to showcase his genius in Pasko Kasama Mo as well,” adds Hazel Faith. “When it came to the vibe, it was probably influenced by my feeling of nostalgia and then looking forward to all that is new. But honestly, I just told kuya Albert to make it sound like a station ID.”

With guidance by award-winning composer Jungee Marcelo and a rap verse by WATERWALK RECORDS’ very own Jericho Arceo, “Pasko Kasama Mo” captures the spirit and glow of Christmas with a retro-modern appeal. It’s a bop that echoes the feel-good comfort of a home, bursting with so much life, energy, and natural charisma.

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Listen to Hazel Faith’s “Pasko Kasama Mo” here.

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