What does healthcare look like post-pandemic? Havas Life responds


As the world grapples with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and companies have been compelled to rethink the ways they live and operate. No other sector has been pushed to the brink more than healthcare, with everyone from health systems and hospitals to medical front-liners and their patients, constantly innovating and adapting to rise to the challenge.

Havas Life Manila aims to be a partner of the health sector as it continues to battle the pandemic and the imminent effects of its aftermath. Together with healthcare experts from the Nicholas Hall Group of Companies and experiential marketing firm MME Connections, Havas Life Manila launches The New Life, a campaign that aims to provide insights on post-pandemic healthcare through a series of dialogues with medical and scientific experts.

This free three-part webinar series will feature a powerhouse lineup of resource speakers that includes industry leaders and professionals who will discuss the most pressing topics on health and wellness brought about by the COVID-19 crisis.

“The pandemic has taught us that we are stronger and more effective when we work together,” said General Manager of Havas Life, Amor Magno. “We believe that by facilitating conversations with key players in the health industry, we can collaborate to solve current issues and mitigate future challenges. We also hope that this 2021, Filipinos will prioritize their health more and cultivate a better understanding of public health matters. While the world was quite unprepared in dealing with this global pandemic, we can move forward by utilizing technologies and mainstreaming public health discussions through initiatives such as The New Life.”

“The Nicholas Hall Group of Companies is excited to be part of this conversation in the Philippines,” expressed Executive Chairman & Creative Solutions Director Nicholas Hall.

“We are more than happy to tap into our global network of specialists, as well as our extensive resource of data and research, to help Filipinos navigate the current crisis. With more developments about vaccines and new information about the virus itself coming out constantly, we need to have more regular discussions so that the industry, and therefore also the general public, can be informed and guided accordingly.”

The online conference series is set on the following dates with their respective topics: March 25, “New Ways to Care: The Future of Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationships”; June 24, “VacciNation: Vaccines for a Healthier Nation”; September 30, “Health Futurecast: A Glimpse of the Future of Healthcare and Wellness.” The first 50 registrants will also get to be part of a virtual chat with Nicholas Hall himself.

Havas Life is Havas Ortega’s response to the impacts of the COVID pandemic. It provides an integrated approach to communication by combining strategic insights with medical and scientific expertise.

For more information on how to sign up for the webinar, visit https://havaslife.mme.ph/.

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