Allianz PNB Life Launches Allianz Shield to Protect Filipinos from the Unexpected

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most challenging and life-changing event for today’s generation. Some have lost their jobs, while others have lost their lives. Needless to say, this health crisis has underscored the need for people’s safety and protection from the unexpected.

To answer today’s growing need for better safeguards, Allianz PNB Life, one of the major life insurers in the Philippines championing sustainability, has launched Allianz Shield, a regular pay, unit-linked insurance plan that protects policyholders against unexpected situations, such as the diagnosis of a critical illness or accidental death and dismemberment.

 It covers at least 10 times the annual premiums depending on the insured’s age upon application, for as low as PHP 15,000 annually.

“The previous year showed that many Filipinos are vulnerable to health and financial crises. Not everyone has a backup plan in times of need. And unfortunately, many have been challenged economically because of the domino effect of COVID-19,” said Allianz PNB Life Chief Marketing Officer Gino Riola. “With Allianz Shield, we want to make sure the unexpected expenses are taken care of as well.”

According to Rio, Allianz Shield can help people build a well-rounded protection plan that gives them PHP 1 million coverage upon death, PHP 1 million coverage upon diagnosis of a critical illness and another PHP 1 million coverage for accidental death and dismemberment*.

 “This plan comes with an additional rider coverage that waives succeeding premiums until age 65 of the insured upon diagnosis of a critical illness or upon contracting total and permanent disability. It gives our clients the option to withdraw their investment funds, which are free of charge for up to four times in one year,” he said.

Allianz Shield also comes with a Loyalty Bonus, giving funds a boost every five years, as long as the policy remains in force and your premiums are paid regularly.

Additionally, Allianz Shield also offers a complimentary Life Event Benefit Rider, which credits back to the policyholder a part of the insurance charges you have paid, in the event of marriage, birth of a child, demise of a family member, involuntary loss of employment, divorce, or separation.

Interested applicants can contact a Life Changer, message the Allianz PNB Life Facebook page (, or visit the Allianz PNB Website at

*This example is for a female aged 30 years old with quarterly premiums of PHP 6,000, payable in 10 years.

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