5 “sticky situations” Pinoys can relate to


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As the number of months under quarantine increases, so too does our craving for social gatherings and physical interactions. And while we do miss a lot of aspects in our lives before the pandemic, there are just some parts of it that we don’t—traffic, bumping into people we wish we wouldn’t, and the occasional awkward, sticky, and embarrassing social moments.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, these things happen. So, with restrictions beginning to ease and with most people settling into the “new normal”, it would be a great time to remember all these tricky situations and come up with countermeasures to turn them from a tormenting memory into a memorable one.


This is one of those technological innovations that prove to be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it brings convenience and ease of communication especially when you’re on-the-go, but on the other—and for some strange reason—it transforms mundane responses into very colorful ones. And this is especially true for Filipino users because autocorrect almost always transforms a Tagalog word into the nearest—and most inappropriate—English word.

A good comeback from this would be to acknowledge it, laugh it off, and even turn it into a fun banter. Also, make sure to re-read your messages before sending them. You wouldn’t want a simple “Thanks, tita” to turn into an obscene phrase you’d have to explain to your aunt.

Forgetting someone’s name

While there was an easy fix for this problem during quarantine—display names in video communication platforms—this tricky situation will still exist in the next normal. For this, you can play an old trick in the book by asking them to input their contact details on your phone or go digital and ask for their name on Facebook for a quick friend request.

Family reunions

Ah the famed Filipino family reunion where titos and titas just can’t help themselves from blurting out “compliments” on weight and relationship status. There are plenty of options to survive these events like being frank with your relatives or simply shrugging off their comments, but a fun and creative solution would be to clap back with sarcasm. Not only will it help diffuse the tension, but serve as an announcement that you are perfectly confident with who you are and that no one can mess with you.

Upset stomach

You’ve had a great morning so far. You woke up on time, you plotted your schedule for the day, and you were able to make yourself a great breakfast—something you haven’t done in ages. But while you’re on Grab car or in the meeting that just began, your stomach starts to feel uncomfortable and you find it hard to focus.

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Aside from guaranteed quality and safety—an assurance backed by data from regular quality tests that you’re not assured of by less established brands. Diatabs is more accessible to Filipinos as it can be bought in leading drugstores nationwide.

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