From Health & Wellness Tips to Career Shifts, Allianz and Mellow 94.7 Bring You Life Hacks for the New Normal

Tune in to Mellow 94.7 and get life hacks from Allianz PNB Life, one of the country’s leading insurers. Learn how to better manage your health, wealth, and overall well-being with tips on how to handle your stress, savings, diet, and more.

Gino Riola, Senior Vice President and incoming Head of Market Management, said this initiative seeks to inspire listeners and help them navigate the new normal. It’s in line with the company’s Move With Courage campaign, which celebrates people who continue to move forward despite the difficulties they face.

“We came up with ‘Better Ways for Better Days’ on 94.7 to offer solutions to many of the challenges that people face today—from deciding on which career path to take or choosing the insurance or investment that’s right for them,” he explained.

Receive tips in creating home remedies, keeping a stress diary, having healthy savings, having the motivation to exercise, and more.
Apart from these life hacks, you can also learn more about Allianz PNB Life’s various investment and health products. Find out more about Allianz Well!, which provides health and wellness benefits and has an annual plan limit of PhP100 million; Allianz eAZy Health, an affordable and renewable five-year health plan that has enhanced critical illness coverage; and AZpire Growth, which puts your money on well-managed investment funds to make it grow faster.

If you’re looking for a career shift in the new normal and would like to succeed in the insurance industry, listen in as Allianz PNB Life shares its latest job openings and opportunities of becoming one of its Life Changers.

“Mellow 94.7 is your go-to radio station when you want to listen to soothing music, whether you’re out driving, working at the office, or just relaxing at home. Now, you can also receive sound life advice that would help you navigate today’s challenges,” Riola said.

Tune in to Mellow 94.7 every Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 - 9:00AM and 5:00 - 6:00PM to listen to “Better Ways for Better Days” and catch some handy life hacks!

For more information about Allianz PNB Life products, or to know more about how to become a Life Changer, visit


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