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Washing hands has never been so crucial. With the pandemic spreading like wildfire, the government always reminds us to take extra precaution. Twenty seconds is all it takes to make sure all the germs and bacteria are effectively rinsed off. However, water can not accomplish the task alone. Soap and water is more effective than the alcohol-based "hand sanitizers" because the proteins and fats in food tend to reduce alcohol's germ-killing power.

The role of soap in curbing the Covid19 spread is taking centerstage. It became such a necessity that supermarket shelves has run out of it for sometime. The good old trusty Safeguard is always in my grocery list. Good thing they thought about limiting the amount of purchase for each customer. Now, buying one is made even easier thru e-commerce websites like Shopee. For us Filipinos, Safeguard is a brand we trust for the longest time when it comes to soap.

Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap (225mL) + 2 Refills (420mL)

This package comes with two 240ml refills. The convenience of using liquid soap when you have children or are in a public toilet is certainly clear as it's more hygienic. It reduces the exchange of germs between users as no one touches the soap. With fancy dispensers it's easy to use and refill. Unlike a soap bar, liquid soap doesn't get mushy. Currently at P235, that's 22% off!

Safeguard Lemon Fresh Liquid Hand Soap (225mL) + 2 Refills (200mL)

Scent of lemons has a calming feeling and will keep you smelling fresh. Value refill packs included. Currently at P159, that's 22% off!

Safeguard Pure White Foaming Hand Soap Bottle (225mL) + Refill (200mL)

Studies have shown that when people wash their hands with foaming hand soap they use 16 percent less water per wash versus those using liquid soap. Priced at P228.

Safeguard Foaming Hand Soap Lemon (225mL) Bottle + Refill (200mL)

Water usage can be reduced by up to 45 percent when hands are not wet prior to lathering, as the foam soap allows for lather without additional water. Plus, this variant comes in lemon which will make your hands smell great.
Currently at P194, that's 15% off from the regular price of P228!

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