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Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City—June 9, 2020—If there is one trait that Filipinos are known for, then that is our ability to stay positive regardless of the circumstances. Whether it be braving a typhoon or taking long, stressful hours of travel due to traffic congestion, we can always find a reason to smile and ways to get by with any challenge. 
Amid the current global health crisis, however, it may, arguably, seem way harder for some to remain optimistic, especially as it presents new challenges that bring massive changes in the way we live.
This pandemic has been overwhelming hospitals, restricting access to public spaces, disrupting industries, bringing mental health challenges, and forcing people to stay indoors—all these lead to what they refer to as the “new normal.”
With these new challenges and amid uncertainties, how can we still choose to have a positive mindset? 
Adapting to the Changes
For Matteo Guidicelli, an actor, model, member of the armed forces, businessman, and triathlete, maintaining a positive attitude is crucial to adapt quickly to the current situation.
“Sometimes, it may seem depressing, especially now that everything is different. Our lifestyle, somehow, changed and, even our livelihood is affected. Some even lost their jobs,” said Guidicelli on “Santé Engage,” a podcast with Joey Marcelo, CEO of Santé and Paul Caluag, Santé’s chief network development officer.
Marcelo could not agree more. He said that we need to think of ways to become resilient. “Santé is blessed that we remain resilient. The Santé Family still thrives amid the adversity as we can still supply to our business owners and reach out to people who need our health and wellness products.”
Creating Routine and Staying Healthy
Staying healthy and strong is also crucial. Guidicelli shared that creating and maintaining a routine can help in doing the activities they need to do every day.
“Just because we are staying at home, it does not mean we do not have anything to do. There are so many more chores, work, and more piling up. By maintaining a routine, it will be easier to go about all these activities," said Guidicelli.
"I have set up a mini-gym, where I do some biking every morning when I wake up. In the afternoon, I run and cook for my wife. I just try to make everything routine-based and alive,” he added.
Guidecelli also noted that there are ways to stay fit despite not having the proper workout equipment at home. There are resources or videos online where anyone can learn some simple workouts.
Marcelo, on the other hand, also aims to stay fit and healthy as he works out almost every day. He also joins Sante Fit Fam every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to work out with the entire Santé Family.
Coping with the “New Normal”
Coping up with the new normal should also be part of everyone’s priority. For instance, Caluag said that Santé is preparing new measures to ensure physical distancing practices in their working environments. They also coined a better term for it as they refer to it as “better normal.”
"We must maximize opportunities to come up with better ways to operate and beat the challenges that we will face while helping our business partners to work better and thrive. That is why we are bringing our training, seminars, and conferences online,” said Caluag.
As for Guidicelli, he considers using his influence to help those in need. Recently, he, together with some organizations, initiated an online benefit show called “One Voice PH,” which raised more than PHP10 Million and helped distribute goods to places where it is needed the most.
“When people ask, ‘how am I going to help when I can’t go outside?’ I remind them that our doctors and front liners have been begging for us to stay at home, as much as possible, to help stop the spread of the virus,” he said.
Be a Channel of Blessings 
Another way of helping to ease the situation is to spread positivity by sharing your blessings. “I believe that during a crisis like this, the resources of the world is for everybody. So, it is the time for everyone to share what they can to support the community,” Marcelo said. 
Santé also creates programs to give back. Marcelo also encourages all Santé business owners and partners to find ways to support their communities and become a channel of blessings to others.
The company also aims to continue inspiring people to live more and do more, just like Matteo Guidicelli, through its premier organic health and wellness products and services.

To learn more about Santé, visit its website at santebarley.com.

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