Experience Freedom, Go Wireless With These JBL Earphones From Shopee Independence Day Sale

Let me guess. You gained a lot of weight, didn't you? You're not alone in this dilemma. You and millions of folks around the world are having a difficult time searching for answers. Stop pointing fingers.  With all the food we consume every single day and no time for workout, all we can blame is ourselves. How could we resist consuming fatty and oily food if we see our social media walls filled with mouth-watering home cooked meals and baked goods every single quarantine day? It may sound funny but our health is on the line. 

What can we do about it? Eating is as natural as breathing, so it's suffice to say there's no way out of it but to be wise regarding what we put in our mouth. Well, that, and exercise. I personally focus on exercise since avoiding delicious food is honestly one TOUGH thing to do. I do it while listening to music at home (of course) since we're still on lockdown. 

Another big part of my day would be TV series marathon. Believe it or not, I watch while I exercise. Now, that's hitting two birds with one stone! I could literally watch TV series the whole day walking on my treadmill or pumping some iron while staying glued to my tablet's screen. A self-proclaimed audiophile like me would only choose earphones that's not only of superb sound but with high quality materials to boot. Don't take my word for it. Try listening to one of their products and you'll be convinced.  I have been purchasing JBL earphones, I also bought wireless workout earphones a year ago and they have never gone bad. I even take the wired earphones to bed to get me to sleep while listening to music. Imagine the strain on the cables as I twist and turn while I try to get some ZZZs, not to mention my durable earphones getting exposed to sweat while working out. 

I can't believe I had these earphones for that long. I purchased it from the Shopee sale a year passed. It was also during the Independence day and I never regret purchasing it. I had a feeling it would be a good buy because of the brand which has been a pioneer of audio products. I usually read reviews of the product first then read about the brand. Like most men, I am particular about my gadgets. JBL is always on top of my list. If you're interested to purchase a pair of your own workout earphones--then check this list:

1. JBL Endurance Dive In Ear Wireless Sport Headphones with MP3

So you have a pool and a butler to bring you your towel for swimming, huh. Then get this, swim while listening to your playlist, hit the track and gym too. It's the best JBL workout gadget money can buy.


2.JBL Reflect Contour 2 Sweatproof Wireless Sport In-Ear Headphones

Keep moving without ever missing a beat. They're sweatproof, features lightweight aluminum construction, and ear hook fit that’s ready to lock in and go.


3.JBL Endurance Jump In Ear Wireless Sport Headphones
Go ahead and jump all you want, these bad boys won't fall off. Wanna hear something cool? It automatically powers on when you slip it on.


4.JBL Endurance Sprint 

Run, Forrest, run! Search the web and you'll find out good reviews and recommendations from trusted websites about this pair that's designed for running . Check this verbatim review: "We liked their sound, rugged build, water resistance, and secure fit, plus battery life is good with 8 hours of playback on a charge." 


5. JBL Focus 700 In Ear Wireless Sport Headphones with Charging Case

These headphones are made with ultra-soft flexible silicone for long-lasting ergonomic comfort. Plus, the charging case ensures up to 16 hours of amazing sound to keep you going longer and harder. It serves as a rugged and secure protection to your headphones while not in use.


There's no other way to work out more comfortably. Take advantage of the ongoing sale while these products are still available right now. Don't be left in the dark regarding the best deals in town, download Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play and visit the JBL store here https://shopee.ph/jblphilippines to make your purchase.

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