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Believe it or not, the concept of a tablet is based on a 1972 proposal "A personal computer for children of all ages". It seems that the original purpose of this wonderful creation would end up being materialized.

Why buy a tablet? Why not a smartphone or a laptop, you ask? For the purpose of online learning. purchasing a tablet would deem necessary. The pandemic has clearly changed our normal ways and that includes education. Tablets may not be as versatile as laptops in functionality, but it is significantly better than a smartphone. Tablets have way larger displays that provides you more space to get real work done. In fact, with larger tablets the display is on par with smaller laptops, allowing you to get more done.

Since tablets are portable, they are easy to take along for learning experiences that students document by taking photos, videos, and by making voice recordings about what they experience. With the right keyboard and/or stylus, it is your perfect companion for research,and as a creative tool for music and graphic design.

With tons of tablets out there, choosing the right one would be difficult. Some may appear tempting to buy because of affordability. However, striking a balance between quality and price and not to mention performance is where Huawei stands out.

Take the HUAWEI MatePad Pro as an example. Its screen alone offers remarkable visual experiences. It features a 90% Screen-to-body Ratio, every dark or bright detail looks vivid and clear and it significantly reduces blue light to protect your eye health. Combined with the MatePad Pro's 460g body is a subtle micro-curve frame that provides ergonomics for better grip. You're in luck because the HUAWEI MatePad Pro is now available at Shopee. Cashless transaction is now possible via Shopee Pay as well as cash on delivery option when ordering an item.

Check out the HUAWEI MatePad Pro tablet on Shopee here:

It comes with a Kirin 990 flagship chipset which equates to an improved performance and elevated energy efficiency. Together with its high-end graphics card Mali-G76 MC16 GPU, it delivers better visuals for movies and games.

An advantage that Huawei users can utilize is the Huawei Share Multi-screen Collaboration wherein
Once connected, your smartphone will step into the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, and the two devices will merge into "ONE" super device. Your phone screen is projected on your tablet which allows you to operate on a bigger screen with greater freedom. In addition is the brand new HUAWEI M-pencil with a hexagonal integrated design. It writes naturally like a pencil on paper, but even better with versatile strokes and features.

In addition to the pencil is a smart magnetic keyboard which feels like a real laptop keyboard. is more than a protective cover when folded down, it can wake the tablet up once opened, and you can get started more intuitively.

If you're more accustomed to a PC operating system, Huawei has something for you. Switch it to PC Mode with just one touch. It allows multiple applications for you to zoom, drag and arrange to fit your work habits and even save files directly on the desktop. Multi-tasking is also possible with its innovative Multi-Window24 feature of EMUI10. Switch to split-screen for a more convenient and immersive experience.

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro is packed with the quad-channel and quad-speaker sound system for remarkable sound. It has built-in circumferential five microphones enabling 360° noise cancellation to ensure that your voice can be heard clear and loud. Finally, the MatePad Pro is the first HUAWEI tablet to support 15W wireless and up to 7.5W Reverse Wireless Charging. It's large 7,250 mAh battery can effortlessly support you for up to 12 hours.

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