What's In store for Season 5 of It takes Gutz to Be A Guttierez

The Gutierrez clan is back again with another season of their hit reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez airing on E! Asia this July 31st.

The showbiz clan did a Facebook live Q & A last Wednesday where fans are given an opportunity to be up-close and personal with Richard, Sarah Lahbati, Raymond , Ruffa, Lorin and Venice.
Listed below are the highlights and what to expect from season 5. 1. What to expect in the new season?
Richard was the first one to be asked on what to expect from the new season. Richard gave us hints regarding him switching to another network , the clan is also welcoming another baby and more adventures. Lorin and Venice also told us that the family is more comfortable in the concept of reality TV as they look back on season 1. Sarah Lahbati hinted that their Instagram worthy trip in Sweden will also grace the new season. The host also asked Ruffa and Raymond about which shows would they like to crossover and they both answered Keeping up with the Kardashians and The New life on Kylie as Raymond dubbed Kylie Jenner as "The Boss" after being the dark horse in the family for so long.

2. What is your top 5 List? One of the things that shook everyone was Raymond's recent Physical transformation. Season 5 is packed with Raymond's fitness journey and how he changed his old lifestyle choices. Here are Raymond's 5 food to avoid: junk food, rice, pork, and anything sweet and salty. Richard and Sarah Lahbati's instagram is filled with travel destinations that make us want to grab our passports and book a flight. Here are Richard's top 5 travel destinations: Siargao Island, Malapascua Island, Switzerland as this is his partner Sarah's hometown, Tonga and Coasta Rica. Ruffa on the other hand was asked for top 5 advice for her daughters Venice and Lorin. Ruffa emphasized the need for her daughters to finish college in an Ivy league school, not having boyfriends until 30 which Lorin and Venice jokingly tease their mom about having them at the age of 27 and having love teams at 13 years old. She continues her answer by telling them to study hard, be God-fearing individuals, pray, and always respect their mom.

3. Are we going to see more of Raymond's Fashion travel? Raymond is known to be a trend-setter and his social media accounts are filled with the up-to-date fashion. After 4 seasons, the Fashion travel is currently on pause as Raymond wants to focus on his career in the Philippines.

4. Richard's proposal to Sarah Lahbati Richard Gutierrez is dubbed as the perfect instagram boyfriend. Will he finally propose to his long time partner Sarah in this new season? His replied with "Stay tuned" and a smile.

5. Are there more Sarah, Richard, and Zion moments? Their trip to Switzerland will also be shown in the upcoming season. Sarah gushes that she is excited for the fans to watch it as they teach Zion how to ski. Sarah also gave us information about their new dog Mason.

6. On Venice entering showbiz Study is her first priority although she still wants to enter showbiz at the age of 13. Currently she is taking dance lessons from G force. Ruffa will only approve if her daughter Venice will not be paired up with anyone.

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