SM Supermalls' Father's Day video goes viral, foreign bloggers react

In celebration of Dad’s Day, SM Supermalls launched a commercial that shows a side of fathers that their families don’t usually see. Daddy’s Girl tells the story of a dad who feels left out of his only daughter’s personal life.

As of this writing, the now-viral video has reached NINE MILLION views and 94,000 shares and counting since its upload on June 11, making it the most shared Filipino Dad’s Day video on Facebook today. It has moved netizen dads, moms and kids to tears and laughter, validated by the thousands of heartwarming comments mostly from kids expressing their love and appreciation of their dads as well as fathers opening up on how they can relate to the story and message of the video.
“It is very heartwarming to know that families across generations watched our video and were moved by its story and the message that it aimed to tell,” said Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls Senior Vice-President for Marketing. “We just narrated our customer's story–every Filipino family's story with a dad who may be not too affectionate but deep inside, his love for his family is immeasurable.”

Even foreign YouTube vloggers were reached by the video. After getting emotional in the beginning of the video, vlogger-couple HugKnucklesTV and HottSamn were both stunned by the funny twist of dad crying out loud. They commended, “It was really good, really funny. I appreciate SM Supermalls. I believe they have a very good sense of humor and I feel like that they have a very good grasp on getting emotions down. I liked it a lot!"

Meanwhile, Alicia and Angelina of Angelina Eonni88 YouTube channel literally both cried and laughed hard as they found they video relatable and hilarious. “But it is true! I've probably seen my dad cry like 3 times my entire life,” said Alicia. “It was just so funny. I'm crying because it was so funny! That's actually a very good representation of an average dad. I didn't see that coming! That was amazing! I really, really love that! This is absolutely amazing," quipped Angelina.

As the video concluded, “Dads have feelings too. This Dad’s Day show Dad how much you love him even if he won’t.” Let’s all make this Father’s day more memorable and spend more #DADventuresAtSM with our dads and the whole family! Check out full events schedules of SM malls nationwide here.

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