Must Try Dishes at Marikina's Food Alley

Food alley? Food parks are sprouting in the metro and this is one of the many that opened this year. Is it worth the trip? Read on to find out! With its attractive signage, entertainment facilities for children, bright lights, colorful facade and fantastic food choices, I bet news about this place spread by word of mouth. It recently got featured in Television.

Pizza Station

Their Pepperoni and Overload pizza is a must-try for its generous toppings, non-greasy and soft crust. Pizza station offers affordable and freshly baked pizza without compromising the quality. 

Dampa Simply Lang Illongo's Grill:

 This stall's buttered shrimp is savory and perfectly cooked. I also loved how creamy and cheesy the Baked mussels are. Both seafood dishes are fresh and well-seasoned. The stall also offers a wide range of Filipino dishes. Their Sisig was succulent, crunchy , with generous chunks of onion and just a kick of spiciness. If you want to wash out your palate with all those flavors, green mangoes and shrimp paste combination is the way to go. 

Tap Out

 This stall's burger serving might make you tap out from being full. Their burgers are generously sized with ample servings of lettuce, tomatoes, and onion while the beef is well seasoned . They also have a burger that has an additional spam on the ingredients.The burger will not be complete without its cheese smothering and decks of patties stacked up together. The burgers can be served with potato chips and Quesadilla.

Genghis Mongolian

 Create your own bowl is this stall's concept for its customer. Both sweet and spicy bowl are packed with different kinds of vegetables, slices of chicken and beef, and their chewy flavorful noodles topped with peanut sauce. I personally prefer the spicy flavor as the sweet one can be a bit overwhelming.

Nippon Ichi Takoyaki 

The Takoyaki was cooked to a perfect brown, shredded pieces of cabbage are in the mixture. I can only taste a hint of octopus. This is perfectly paired with a sweet or spicy sauce. Get one solo glass of Juice Colored drink for free when you buy three Takoyakis.

Core Freeze

 Watching the stall make their Nitrogen ice cream is quite entertaining. After the 'smoke' subsides make sure to bite into it in small pieces as it gets extra hard. They also offer a variety of delectable ice cream topped with chocolate or Pepero. 


The store is inviting with its jar full of chocolates and an upper shelf filled with board games that you can play with. A mini pink table and mat is set up in the middle for kids dining in. Scramble took me back to my childhood days, the mixture is a recreation of my favorite treat yet it has its own unique taste. The Blueberry and Mango shake is creamy, delectable and the taste of the fruit stood out plus it was served with a chocolate spoon on top. The crepe has this rich creamy taste that blended well with the banana.

Juice Colored 

The amusing name originating from a famous expression equally offers fun flavors to enjoy. The bright colors of these beverages are easy on the eyes. Red iced tea is for the sweet tooth, I had to sip just a bit of it as it is overwhelming for my preference. Blue lemonade, on the other hand has the right blend of sour and sweet which is right for my taste.

The other food stalls we have spotted are Chickstar, Steakation, Chwings, Churros, and Potato Loco.

So is it worth the trip to this food haven? The answer is a resounding yes! Their complete address is 111 Bayan-Bayanan Ave, Marikina, Open from 4PM-12AM daily.

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