Art MOD Fair 2017 Showcases Filipino Artists

          Below are the pics of the pieces of artwork displayed in the Art MOD Fair held in Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall on the 9th-11th of June. In my experience, an hour is not enough to appreciate all the displays. The quality of the crafts and paintings only shows how talented the Filipino is and that our crafts are world-class.

William Borja

Bastedor Art Project

Michelline Syjuco

Erehwon Center
Pajama Society

Ang Buhay at Hugis sa Paete

Kob. Art

Kuta Artists Group

Ronnie Lim

Philipp Badon

Transwing Art Gallery

Joe Datun

SG Artists

Ronnie Lim

Migs Salazar

Allanrey 'miguel' Salazar is a Filipino artist based in Paris. Salazar's art traverses the intersection of beauty and thinking. His works doesn’t sit still. Just when you think you settled on what is all about, it takes you by the hand down another corridor.

His work rests at the nexus of hard and soft, clean and dirty…it captures the plight of the individual-struggle, faith, ecstasy-and the frailty of humankind. There’s nothing about the images of his works that is harmonious beautiful by any conventional standards. Salazar wanted the viewer to stock with the image as profoundly, resonant image that will not deliver its real physical meaning, it is against narrative and probably against interpretations; it’s pure allegory and metaphor.

After moving to Germany and Paris from Manila more than a decade ago, Allanrey “miguel” Salazar is among the few Filipino artist who live their passion for art in Paris. His recent body of works is a radical departure from abstract to cataclysmic biblical iconography with secular socio-religious and political narrative, a visual satire in his creative piece. His works elucidate current socio-political concerns dealing with matters of human condition, revealing plight of individuals - struggle, faith, ecstasy and doom in mankind. However with his craft, Salazar’s works involved in a cultural rebellion – a connection of social and political revolution from mind to mind. 

He took brief studies of Fine Arts in École National des Beaux-Art in Paris, though simultaneously exploring passionately other mediums. For more than a decade, He has produced a diverse body of works in painting, sculpture, photography and other medium. He is amongst the most active Filipino artist in France, with solo exhibitions hosted mainly in Paris. Furthermore, he brings unique perspective, creativity and passion to all that he does. He lives and works in Paris. 

Jose Glenn Blanco

The artist is the eldest of seven siblings of the Blanco Family of artists of Angono, Rizal. The family is known for folk realism that portrays the so-called Tagalog Pastorale.
Blanco’s works became noted for their realistic and detailed portrayal of the local flora, which evokes the tranquility of nature. They are also products of his fascination over the rural life and social rituals of Angono. Blanco’s works are classified into three thematic areas- landscapes, rural life and social arituals.

Blanco has been part of his family exhibits in Beijing, China (1986), Singapore (1990), San Francisco (1991) , Seville, Spain(1992)and in New York in 1999 and 2005. In 2012, he held his first solo exhibit at SM Taytay. He was awarded as the Outstanding Alumni of the University of Santo Tomas, College of Arts and Letters in 2013 and the TOTAL 2014 Award, The highest award given to alumni of UST for his contribution to Philippine art. He was also awarded the Angono, Rizal’s Sanguniang Bayan Award 2016 for his artistic excellence. He is one of the 12 Filipino artists whose works were featured in Art Dialogo held in Malaysia in July 2016.


Blanco Family Museum

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