Elevate your Sleep Experience with Our Home at SM City Marilao

Discover a better sleep experience from the premium line of mattresses from the most-trusted makers in the Philippines and across the globe at Our Home in SM City Marilao. The best mattress is definitely the one that fulfill everyone’s dream of restful and good nights’ sleep.

Choose now the right mattress that suits you – whether you have a posture or movement disturbance concerns or simply wants to have a relaxes luxurious sleep. Not only can a comfortable mattress provide a more restful sleep, but it can also relieve pressure points, align the spine and help you wake up feeling refreshed rather that achy.

Improving sleep is vital for everyone so it’s time to make a serious investment in our sleep, from the way we relax to the quality of mattress and achieving the luxury we deserve. Visit now Our Home at SM City Marilao as it houses all the trusted bed brands in the Philippines:

URATEX. The country’s pioneering brand in innovative sleeping solutions and products for more than a half century.
SALEM. Takes pride with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing the best spring mattresses in the country. It promises to help you get better mattresses to help you get better sleep and relaxation through its products.
SLUMBERLAND. Renowned for its quality range of products. It has evolved as the leader in sleeping comfort since 1919.
DUNLOPILLO. With more than 90 years of latex innovation, it delivers ultimate comfort, great quality and unbeatable customer service.
AMBASSADOR BED’S. An orthopedic mattress which was chosen and trusted by most five-star hotels and Filipino households since 1927.
KING KOIL. It started selling traditional innerspring mattresses in 1898. Today their mattresses line-up includes foam, latex, hybrid and even smart mattresses.

Many of these premium mattresses are treated with Sanitized, keeping these clean and hypoallergenic, and effectively protect against growth of bacteria, odor, mildew, and dust mites.

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