Cherise Katriel, Cola Cabalcar and Alyn pull weight on the essence ofChristmas with joint single “Pinakapasko”

Christmas songs have held a unique place in people’s hearts—thanks to its inherent capacity to promote goodwill and generosity without expecting anything in return.

New recording artists Cherise Katriel, Cola Cabalcar and Alyn understand the assignment and deliver a slice of holiday-themed soul with the release of “Pinakapasko,” a new collaborative track under WATERWALK Records and Sony Music Entertainment.

Exquisitely arranged with girl group harmonies and delicate production, “Pinakapasko” reassures comfort in remembering. According to Cola Cabalcar, the song steers us back to the real reason why the world continues to celebrate the yuletide season annually, and why it’s considered the best gift of all.

“Christmas was meant for celebrating the birth of the Messiah,” says the soul/pop rookie. “To quote our mentor and resident composer Jungee Marcelo, it’s supposed to encapsulate the very essence of God’s plan of salvation via the birth of Jesus, the Messiah. The ultimate Christmas celebration may very well be this: acknowledging and accepting Jesus’ wonderful gift of love.”

Capturing the essence of the Christmas celebration, Marcelo wrote and produced “Pinakapasko” as a way to give thanks to the celebrator and celebrant. More than its life-affirming message, Marcelo brought a contemporary spin to the tradition of making Christmas songs, giving the trio a splash of sunshine, and some wings to take it somewhere else ethereal and vibrant.

Cherise Katriel, in particular, praised the material for its masterful blend of jazzy, R&B rhythms and timeless pop hooks, but repeatedly emphasized that at the core of the extraneous beauty lies the power that its words hold. “It's not a typical Christmas song you're used to hearing,” describes the new artist. “Most people are easily hooked to songs that have a catchy beat or tune, and that is what this song has. But that's just a bonus: when you listen carefully to the lyrics, it will bless you even more.”

Alyn Magadia, another music act responsible for interpreting the song with emotional candidness and restraint, considers the experience as a milestone for her as an artist, and a servant of God.

“God-willing, I would love to release more original songs or do collaborations with other talented artists, and more performances live only for His glory,” shares Magadia. “I believe that this is one of my purposes — to bless the people with my talent and to showcase the gift He bestowed upon me.”

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Listen to Cherise Katriel, Cola Cabalcar and Alyn’s “Pinakapasko” here.

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