Cadian Studios transforms storytelling into meaningful experiences through world-class production and content creation

As a creative and media company that turns storytelling into meaningful experiences, Cadian Studios is currently making significant progress—thanks to its innovative approaches to music production and technology.

In a short period of time, the creatives startup has already worked with some of the most notable companies in the Philippines, including record labels in the Philippines (Viva Records, Warner Music, and O/C Records) and Web3 brands in Singapore (Imaginary Ones and Imaginary Junior).

Poised to assert their position as providers of top-notch production and content creation, Cadian Studios aims to be at the forefront of media and creativity, intending to leave a lasting legacy that will meet the demands of the sector despite constantly shifting trends.

We recently sat down with its 27-year-old CEO Ron Pangyarihan to discuss the new company’s efforts in building its brand, creating game-changing things that have beneficial value to the industry, and managing the studio’s growth and artistic initiatives.

What sets Cadian Studios apart from other creative and media agencies specializing in ideation, content creation, and music production? What do you think is your asset as a company?

Our culture sets us apart from other creative and media agencies. It is the backbone of our company. Our culture of creativity and collaboration allows us to transform stories into remarkable experiences. The asset of our company is our people. Our global talent-driven team comprises artists, art directors, producers, and sound engineers. We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of putting our clients’ ideas into world-class production to create stories that communicate and inspire.

How do you envision Cadian Studios in the next 3-5 years? How do you want it to be known as an agency?

In the next 3-5 years, we want to be on the frontier of creatives and media. We want to work with the greatest storytellers and push the boundaries of storytelling by producing high-quality and remarkable content that impacts people.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you’ve experienced during the first few months of the company? How did you overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges we experienced during our first few months was building a good culture from the ground up. As the founder, my job is to build a culture that brings people together and makes them create something great together. Culture impacts the continuity of a company the most. In an agency where creativity and ideas come from everywhere, my mission is to allow people to bring their whole selves to everyone. When I started hiring people, I figured out how to lead by example and influence my people. As a founder, my job is to instill a culture where everyone doesn’t only get creative but also practices kindness and empathy. At Cadian Studios, we do not treat people as resources but as humans. Everything we do is a work of art so I know every single piece of content that we produce is made with our hearts. I believe the culture of creativity and collaboration will take us far.

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