Earn more with EastWest’s USD Savings and Time Deposit accounts

Whether you’re saving up your US dollars for a future trip, or using them in other ventures like putting up your own business or keeping them in your portfolio for versatility and diversity, you’ll be glad to know that you can reclaim some more financial power by putting those dollars to work and making it earn more than just leaving it in a non-interest bearing dollar account.


That’s why EastWest has just the right US dollar deposit products for you with the US Dollar Savings and Time Deposit accounts. You can open an EastWest US Dollar Savings account with a minimum opening balance of only US$200.  At US$500, you can start enjoying an interest rate of 0.125% p.a., which is one of the highest interest rates for USD savings among banks in the Philippines.


For more US dollar earnings, you can choose to open an EastWest US Dollar Time Deposit account for as low as US$1,000 with an interest rate of 0.425% p.a.* for a 1-year time deposit.  If you open an EastWest US Dollar Time Deposit account via EastWest Online or Mobile, you can get a bonus interest rate of 0.125% p.a. on top of the base rate, which grows the more you deposit and the longer you keep it!


What’s more, there are no fees for over-the-counter deposits of foreign currency at EastWest.

What are you waiting for—it’s time to make your US dollars work harder for the future by opening a US Dollar Savings and Time Deposit account with EastWest! To get started, you can request for a callback by visiting https://www.eastwestbanker.com/deposits/foreigncurrencydeposit.

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