Rev3al: Protecting Artists, Creators, and Owners of Intellectual Properties in the Digital World

Reveal, a blockchain platform that offers complete security solutions for digital assets announced another round of IDO, allowing the general public and crypto community to support the project and reap the resulting benefits. Their next IDO or REV3AL Round 2 will take place this 4th of May, 2022 on spacePad - the launchpad of Coinswap Space.

In the digital era, everything is becoming more unique and easier to copy. Digital media are extremely simple to reproduce and spread due to their nature. Owners of digital assets who are not on the blockchain currently have no way to verify their legitimacy, and even NFT collectors cannot do so without auditing the blockchain. For most users, this is a huge stumbling block. Furthermore, digital assets do not have multi-factor authentication. There are several ways to safeguard what users and creators have, but only one puts them in charge of their ownership. And the technology offered by Rev3al is the best security solution for digital asset protection!

Rev3al is a blockchain platform with innovative digital copyright protection & anti-counterfeit technology that aims to safeguard artists, creators, and intellectual property owners throughout the digital spectrum and into the physical world. It has a patent-pending complete security solution for digital assets, including new image-based encryption and multi-layered digital security features. Likewise, the Rev3al technology is considered the world's first NFT ownership authentication tool with self-verifying effects.

Rev3al Technology employs Hedera blockchain technology to establish a scalable, spendable global utility with an authentication and verification procedure utilizing $RVL, the company's native token. The $RVL token built on Hedera Hashgraph has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and an initial market capitalization of 25 million dollars.

"We're excited to bring the Rev3al project to life," says Mr. Mo Kumarsi, Rev3al's Corporate Global Officer. "We believe that by using the latest technology we can provide a complete solution for digital asset protection of artists, creators, and intellectual property owners throughout the digital spectrum.” He also says “We are actively developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which should be ready in the next months. By the end of 2023, we will have a Commercially Viable Product (CVP) that will be licensed as part of the API that will be used by a wide variety of digital platforms, ranging from NFT Marketplaces to the Metaverse.”

Rev3al's team of professionals has substantial experience in systems architecture, anti-counterfeiting, arts, media, cyber security, licensing, publishing, and encryption to assure the smooth operation of the Rev3al technology, allowing them to revolutionize the face of digital media and IP protection. These professionals consist of Mo Kumarsi as Corporate Global Officer, Cary Quinn as Chief Technology Officer, Adam Unger as Corporate Operations Officer, Adam Russell as Corporate Revenue Officer, Naveen Kumar as Director of Blockchain Development, and Mohit Siroh as Director of Blockchain Technology. Rev3al also has a team of capable advisors, including Alan Smithson, Co-Founder & CMO – Metaverse, Mario Nawfal, CEO of NFT Technologies, Alex Russman, Director of Business Development for HBAR Foundation, Karnika E. Yashwant, Co-founder - Forward Protocol, Liam Robertson, CEO Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, among others. NFT Technologies, Alphabit, Hedera Hashgraph, Launchpool, and IBC are among Rev3al's investors, while Bitdragon, Metaverse, Forward, and Evolution are strategic partners.

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The Rev3al community is strong and growing, so it is time to invest now. We can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

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