The Filipina gamer's guide to communities and safe spaces

Over the years, female gamers worldwide have had to deal with certain expectations online and offline, including being undermined by counterparts, being subjected to appearance standards and the added pressure to prove themselves in the gaming space. 

But through time, especially with the rising popularity of esports and gaming in the Philippines, Filipina gamers and developers have broken stereotypes and shown that the fields of esports and game development are for everyone, regardless of gender.

For the average Filipina gamer or even newbies to the scene, having female streamers, game developers and voice actors to look up to is a step towards being empowered. However, being part of a local community dedicated to women provides an opportunity for gamers to forge friendships, freely share ideas and be seen and heard. 

Be #GToPlay with some of the safe spaces and collectives made by and for women gamers, featuring several games you can conveniently top up with GCash:

Gamer Girls Philippines

Gamer Girls Philippines was founded by business partners Courtney Sayson and Abby Lampa in July 2020 to cater to the lack of an all-girl gaming community that covers all gaming platforms. Only a month after its inception, Gamer Girls Philippines already gained 1,000 members. Today, the Facebook group has 5.7K members and has established GGP eSports, its own esports team. The community remains a safe space where female gamers can open and join discussions about video games on console, PC, handheld console, and mobile without the fear of being judged and prejudiced against. 

Gamer Girls Philippines has a Facebook page and a community. 

Girls Who Game PH

Girls Who Game PH is a cozy Facebook community where women can freely share their enthusiasm for games, peripherals and gaming setup. Professional gamers and newbies alike can find solace in this community of 4.7k female gamers, which was created in 2020. 

Female girl gamers can share their thoughts here.

All About Keebs - Keyboard Girls PH

For female gamers who have just got into the hobby of customizing mechanical keyboards, there is a community made just for them. The All About Keebs - Keyboard Girls PH provides an exclusive space for girl gamers who are into keyboards, games, and other subjects related to keyboard.

Find your fellow keyboard and gaming enthusiasts here.  

Valorant Girl Gamers PH

Valorant Girl Gamers PH caters to players of Valorant, a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games. The female-only Valorant community has 1.6k members, and is also a safe haven for the queer community. 

Valorant gamers can join the Facebook community.

Mobile Legends ALL FEMALE Community

The Mobile Legends ALL FEMALE Community is a Facebook group that aims to provide an exclusive space for ​​female Mobile Legends players in the Philippines. While fairly new, the community says in its description that it recognizes that women are perceived differently within the gaming community and that it aims to hold a space for women.

Join the Mobile Legends community here.

VVV Esports

For those who want to get on the competitive side, the Veni Vidi Vici Esports, an award-winning team in different mobile game tournaments, hosts all-women tournaments. Recently, the community hosted the VVV Pro Girls Cup for female Call of Duty Mobile players.

Get updates on the latest tournaments hosted by VVV here.

Chikon Club

Founded by an all-woman team (Trina Pagtakhan, Gwen Foster and Gia Canta), Chikon Club is the independent game studio and collective that started out making short games in 2020 during the pandemic. The reception of their virtual culinary game Putahe ng Ina Mo: Sinigang Edition, which highlights improvisation over procedure during cooking, spurred Chikon Club to rework it into Soup Pot!, a chaotic cooking game set to be released via XBOX Series X|S and Steam. Aside from being a game studio, Chikon Club is also a collective where game developers can provide help and support to each other, and collaborate on different projects.

Learn more about Chikon Club through their website

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