Buy 1 Havaianas pair and a frontliner hero gets to have a Havaianas pair too!

I work from home and so does most of us. Luckily, I still belong to the population of healthy uninfected Filipinos even if I have to go out these days for groceries, going to the laundromat and other important errands. That said, flip flops is all I ever wear on my feet and I can't remember the last time I wore shoes. They're comfy and easy to don and doff. The Havaianas pairs I got stood the test of time and they're a part of my work from home get up. In a tropical country like ours, the material used on these footwear is well-suited. Their designs, colors, and hues are wide-arrayed and multi-cultural.

After wearing them all day, you won't feel a thing since they're ultralight and their quality is topnotch. They're flip flops, and yet you can't seem to get enough of them.  They're worn literally by everybody at home and for me, they're even comfortable to use for driving. Havaianas offers various designs catering to any mood, personality, or occasion. 

Havaianas Top Filipinas Logo

Celebrate Pinoy pride with the Havaianas Filipinas collection. They teamed up with SinoPinas, a passionate group of travel photographers, that artfully capture the beauty of the Philippines through a unique lens. Top Manila features a dramatic nightscape of the old city of Manila and its classic structures. It is complemented with two other colors representing our nation’s colors, with stylized rubber trim on the strap.

Havaianas You Metallic Flip Flops

Truly, these flip flops can be worn for every occasion. Havaianas You Metallic sandals looks great whether you're dressed up or down. It features a bi-layer sole and thin straps in a rainbow of neutral and vibrant colors.

Havaianas Slim Flatform Flip Flops

Literally stand out with the the Slim Flatform Flip Flops with its straight, elevated sole.

In addition to giving you a few centimeters boost without sacrificing comfort, these flip flops will add a modern flair to any look.

What if I say for every pair of Havaianas purchased at Shopee, a hero gets to receive a token of appreciation! Health care workers, farmers, and frontliners need all the support they can get. These courageous men and women are risking their lives on a daily basis. The least we can do is show our appreciation in our little way. They deserve comfort and quality that comes with the iconic footwear that everyone loves.  

As part of the Havaianas empathy campaign, they want to recognize our frontliners. Let's put a smile on their faces. Donate a pair of Havaianas flip-flops when you purchase one pair at

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