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A clean home is a safe home. And with the current pandemic we're facing, there's nowhere else safe to go so might as well get busy with keeping our abode neat and tidy. One that's free of unwanted visitors such as germs, viruses, dust mites, cockroaches, etc. that causes a rather uninhabitable place for living and worse can lead to sickness or death. Maintaining a home is not a walk in the park but a little help can go a long way.

SC Johnson plays a big role in maintaining an ideal home in years past. Their products have proven reliability and has set a standard for quality. Luckily, they're discounted at Shopee, your favorite e-commerce store, at their grand launch when you buy them in bundles.

Glade Automatic Primary - Ocean Escape

A clean home should also smell great. This modern air-freshener is one of their greatest innovations. It's stylish, easy to use and can be placed practically anywhere since it runs on batteries that means it consumes consumes minimal energy to work. Spray intervals can be customized to avoid too much scent while the Extra Boost button allows more fragrance when needed. It's available in sand and white.

Staying outdoors they say is safer these days since the Covid19 virus can spread more easily while indoors. Thus there's a need for disinfection indoors whether you're indoors in a different place or at your own home. We need not fear since it can also protect us from viruses flu, H1N1 and Influenza A. This spray has an antimicrobal action which eliminates odors from the source and the best part is, it's safe to use around pets and children.

Cockroaches may be as old as dinosaurs and have survived all catastrophes but they're no match for your arsenal. This one's designed to keep your place a safe haven for humans and not for pests. And that includes mosquitoes and other disease inducing insects.

Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner 2L - Wild Lavender 

When used in its full concentration, it can kill 99% of common household germs in contact. Whatever the surface is, whether its floors, tiles, kitchen counters, sinks or any other washable surfaces, this cleaner will be your only weapon of choice for the task. It also comes in great fragrances too: I Love You, Ocean Escape, and Morning Freshness.

Pledge Furniture Lemon - 330 ml 

Household decors, furniture, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and doors look better when they're polished and shiny. It definitely looks more impressive when surfaces are free of dust and fingerprints. Using this product will keep a gleaming finish and will add an extra layer of protective glossy coating making sure that no waxy build up is left behind.

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