Take charge, be an All-Star, and have a game plan with AXA

What does it take to be an All-Star? You don’t have to be a basketball superstar to be one—according to one of the country’s leading insurance companies, AXA Philippines. All you have to do is #TakeCharge of your life by creating your own game plan.

AXA recently unveiled a motivational video on what it really means to be an All-Star, featuring a set of individuals who never stop pushing the limits as they engage in basketball, dance, a triathlon, and even a corporate career.

According to AXA, “An All-Star takes charge; one that takes the bull by the horns; one that bounces back from any —and all — challenges. They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to take the shot; ones who surpass limits no matter the distance. An All-Star strives for greatness.”

The insurer highlights how preparation is key: All-Stars are always equipped with a game plan not just on the playing field but also in life. AXA has always encouraged its customers to live better lives by being prepared for unforeseen setbacks.

Check out the video on AXA Philippines’ official YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/AXAPHofficial and Facebook page www.facebook.com/AXA.Philippines.

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