Tuason Racing School: Leading the way in local motorsports

Paving the way for growth in the Philippine motorsports scene is Tuason Racing School.
The local motorsports industry, apart from having a rich and storied history that dates back to the early seventies, is as much alive and thriving today. In fact, from the beginning of this year, the local motorsports calendar has been packed with a myriad of exciting, monthly racing events – from the national drag racing series, the national karting series, eco marathons, slalom and autocross, superbike races, and others – with the Batangas Racing Circuit, the Clark International Speedway and the Carmona Race Track as the main venues.
Playing a significant role in the growth of the over-all Philippine motorsports scene is Tuason Racing School or TRS, headed by the husband and wife team of JP Tuason, celebrated racer turner entrepreneur, and Jeanette Ipapo Tuason, the company’s Vice-President for Marketing and Business Development.
TRS has helped make motor racing accessible to more people, attracting novice and celebrity racers alike, as well as a growing legion of loyal fans and aficionados that look forward to the various races they organize annually. 
Founded in 1999, TRS has grown to become a virtual mini motorsports conglomerate, providing Race Training Classes, their core business, along with Racing Team Management, Events Management including Teambuilding sessions for corporate clients, a California Superbike School for riders and motorcycling enthusiasts in partnership with CSS founder Keith Code of the United States, and a classroom and hands-on Educational Program that focuses on Road Safety and Defensive Driving Training.  
Effectively, it is safe to say that TRS is both the pioneer and the undisputed leader in this burgeoning field, and as such they clearly have their fingers on the pulse of the industry.
“The local motoring industry is quite big especially with the exponential growth it is presently enjoying,” shares Jeanette. “Racing is a small but important part of the equation, but today we have five permanent tracks including two for cars. In a significant way, the Vios Cup helped spur this resurgence.” 
Sponsors are also flocking to support the numerous racing events, with top local and multinational brands – from carmakers, petroleum companies, tire manufactures, and even tech companies – all too eager to get in on the thrilling action.
Still, Jeanette believes that Philippine motorsports is still in its infancy with quite a lot of room to grow. And expect Tuason Racing School to play a crucial part in the expansion and acceleration of the industry.
“I believe there is a lot of potential in filipino driving skills. The lack of equipment and facilities have hampered the growth needed for our drivers to get better, but this is now all changing” Tuason says. “We would like to be at the forefront of making this renaissance happen.” 

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