Can't Help Falling In Love Digital Media Conference

April 5th marks the day for Kathniel's bloggers conference. Coincidentally, the couple has partnered on screen for 5 years as well. Members of the press and digital media were invited and the room was full. Following the success of "Barcelona: A Love Untold" is "Can't help falling in Love" and fans are sure to be flocking the cinemas. The conference was attended by Direk Mae, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. There's always a first time and this was my first to be starstruck due to Kathryn's beauty. There was a wide range of topics thrown at the three. Family, love teams, annulment, and relationships were just a few of the questions.

Watching the two answer each question and completing each other's sentences shows how they much they understand and know each other. They may have different opinions on each subject matter but they also have lots of ideas that they have in common. Daniel explained about how they handle misunderstandings and who apologizes first. He makes sure that everything is fixed before the day ends. Laughter ensued when Daniel revealed the name of Kathryn's upcoming Nail Salon which is "Kathnails".  Meanwhile, Direk Mae stated she is enjoying the early stages of her married life. Can't Help Falling In Love is showing on theaters this April 15th

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