Last minute Christmas shopping tips

No matter how prepared people are with their shopping list, being caught in the Christmas rush is quite inevitable. People usually have very long lists of items that need to be ticked off and obviously only very little time to do all the shopping because doing it after work only gives just a few hours of mall time.  Also, thinking of what to give to relatives and friends could pose a challenge, because of their varied tastes. To avoid giving similar gifts from the past year, even giving the same thing all over again is one of the most challenging tasks while coming down on one’s list too.
Shopping for gifts as early as a few weeks before December helps in trimming down the long list of things to buy. Shopping whenever there is a chance also helps ease some stress before the rush comes in. Another thing that helps is knowing the people on the Christmas list very well, because it would be easier to think of gifts that they really want or need, for work or in their homes. Asking for wish lists is another thing to practice nowadays. The people on the receiving end would feel special and loved after they tear apart the wrappers, revealing something they have been wanting or needing for the longest time.
The world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea suggests some gift ideas that may be options on somebody’s Christmas list.  Midea only offers home solutions that make every household task easy and surprisingly user-friendly. Midea has a wide range of appliances that would best fit any holiday kitchen set-up or theme of any home. 

The first one on Midea’s suggested gift items this Christmas is its Induction Cooker. It fits right for family and friends who are condo-dwellers. It is safe around children with its flameless heating function and Auto Safety shut off feature which automatically cools off the cooker. It cooks 40% faster than a conventional electric stove and this Quick Cooking locks in the nutrients in the food for heathier cooking. It also saves 37% on electrical consumption compared to other conventional electric stoves. It would be great if those who will get this as a gift will cook next year’s Christmas feast with it.

For those people who are always on the go, it would be beneficial for them to get Midea’s lineup of Mechanical and Digital Microwave Ovens as gifts for Christmas. Not only could it cook food in seconds, its quick cooking feature is very health-friendly as it retains most nutrients in food. And at the same time, people consume 10% less fat compare to conventional frying. Midea’s microwave ovens are also energy-saving appliances because it only uses up Php 1 worth of electricity for 3 minutes of cooking.

If somebody is feeling more generous, they could give Midea’s Digital Multi Cooker / Pressure Cooker as a gift to their relatives or friends who are in love with cooking. It easily cooks all the toughest ingredients to perfection. With its Thermal Circulation Technology, it ensures the even distribution of heat in the pot which cooks every ingredient evenly. Its very user-friendly 12 pre-programmed functions also cut out the work for everyone in a very busy kitchen. It operates with 7 levels of pressure for quick cooking which locks in all the nutrients in the food for heathier eating. And Midea’s 10-Dimensional Protection System ensures safety during cooking. It would be a very helpful kitchen help during the Christmas feast and for other celebrations.
Giving gifts that are useful and home-friendly solutions to the people who matter in one’s life may be the best thing to offer this season of giving and Midea extends its giving hand to its customers by helping them out this season and for any other occasion.
It is now possible to get these home solutions at their doorsteps. Midea home solutions could be bought online through their retail partners— Abensons and Robinsons. This definitely takes away the challenge of lugging items on the way home.
“We understand that most of us always get caught up in the Christmas rush, especially when all the bazaars pop up and Christmas sale offers go mad with their prices,” Phillip Trapaga, General Manager of Midea said. “What we want to gift to our consumers this season is the joy in giving and knowing that they have given a home solution to their loved ones. And I think that makes the gesture more beautiful. Plus, they could shop through the internet which helps them avoid a tedious shopping experience.”
For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page

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