SM City Marilao Boosts Local Businesses

Recognizing the vital role these businesses play in sustaining local economies and preserving the cultural heritage of Bulacan, SM City Marilao transformed its atrium into a bustling marketplace showcasing the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Bulakeno entrepreneurs through the #Pinoypreneur.

In celebration of Philippine Independence Month, SM City Marilao is taking a bold step towards empowering local businesses with its #Pinoypreneur campaign. This initiative, designed to support Filipino brands and homegrown Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), has gained immense popularity among shoppers, who are encouraged to buy local and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Shoppers visiting SM City Marilao are greeted by vibrant displays and unique installations, each one representing a unique story of Filipino innovation.

The #Pinoypreneur campaign, unveiled at the beginning of the month, provides shoppers with the opportunity to discover, connect with, and support at least 21 remarkable Bulakeno-owned businesses. This unique exhibit showcases a diverse range of products and services, encompassing everything from fashion, food and beverage, home decor, art, and many more. From emerging talents to established enterprises, each entrepreneur brings a distinctive story, heritage, and innovation to the table.

As part of the #Pinoypreneur campaign, SM City Marilao feature specially designated areas within their premises dedicated to Filipino brands and MSMEs. These spaces will serve as a focal point for shoppers to explore and engage with a wide range of products proudly crafted by Filipinos.

“Filipino entrepreneurs play a vital role in shaping our nation’s economy, and we are proud to be a platform that amplifies their voices and uplifts their businesses,” said SM City Marilao’s Assistant Mall Manager, Engr. Janette Aguilera.

Among the crowd’s favorite stalls are Bibingka ni Ka Rick, Betty’s Food Products, Lovely’s Putocake, Quinella’s Food Products, Mai Desserts, Remiks FD Food Trading, Aling Ilahs Sweet & Delicacies, and Jam Chicharon. Shoppers also show great interest in products from Haidee Original Leather Mfg., Kuyso Natural and Handmade, Arymths International Fashion Design, Jewel Mei Fashion Boutique, Anicia’s Handicrafts, and Moonlight Handicrafts. Classic brands like Lala Food Products, Mommy Linda Food Products, Tita Fi’s Kitchen, Angel Spice Mushroom Station, Nolan Lucas Homemade Food Products, Malumiere Candles and Regs Dried Flowers are likewise highly sought after by customers.

Shoppers at SM City Marilao will have the opportunity to discover and explore a diverse range of locally-made products, unique crafts, delectable food items, and much more at #Pinoypreneur exhibit located at the mall atrium.

Until June 12, shoppers visiting SM City Marilao can expect to find dedicated spaces and displays showcasing a wide array of locally-made products. These spaces will serve as a focal point for shoppers to explore and engage with a wide range of products proudly crafted by Filipino hands. By providing a platform for MSMEs to reach a wider customer base, SM City Marilao hopes to contribute to the growth and sustainability of these enterprises.

Shoppers at SM City Marilao have taken to the internet to share their experiences and spread the word about the exceptional products on offer at the #Pinoypreneur. This digital visibility has further boosted the exposure of participating businesses, attracting customers and gaining traction on social media.

The #Pinoypreneur campaign was launched with the intention of fostering a stronger sense of national pride and appreciation for Filipino entrepreneurship. By promoting local businesses, SM Supermalls aim to stimulate economic growth at the grassroots level and provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to thrive. This initiative is in partnership with the provincial government of Bulacan- Provincial Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office (PCEDO) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

#Pinoypreneur campaign at SM City Marilao has received overwhelming support from the local community, with shoppers embracing the opportunity to buy local.

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