What’s the perfect gift to get your loved ones? The one they need

How many bottles of lotion and perfume, stuffed animals, wall calendars, snow globes, or cutesy pajamas do you get (and maybe forget) every year?

It’s always a thrill to receive a gift so might as well make it meaningful and more importantly useful. Finding a perfect gift for someone you care about is challenging, but there are unconventional options you can look at, especially for those who are about to enter a key moment in their lives.

While a nice house-warming present is appreciated, why not help them jumpstart a more secure and protected future?

This is where insurance comes in. It’s something everyone knows they need but are not always willing to get, all they need is a gentle nudge from you. 

While you can’t wrap life insurance in gift wrappers and ribbons, all it takes is for you to bring your loved one to any BPI branch in the country. The process is quick, easy, and you would spend just as much in helping them with the first month (or more if you’re generous) of premium payments as you would with any other fancy gift.  More importantly, it will result in savings and security for their future way beyond any gift-wrapped item can give.

Here are five people in your life that you can help build a bright future for with a gift of BPI-Philam insurance policies.

The Fresh Grad

The sitch: Fresh out of the cradles of college and taking the first step toward #adulting and independence. Without financial help from mommy or daddy, saving for the future on a budget may be a challenge. What now?

The gift: For as low as Php 2,000 for the first month, Life Ready Plus covers as much as 30 times the yearly payment while optimal benefits are definitely included. That means no matter what they go through, they are protected while they set aside funds for rainy days. More importantly, it’s easy enough for any first-jobber to set aside Php 2,000 per month and keep up the insurance plan for as long as he wants.

Affordability? Check. Convenience? Check. Financial security? Check!

The Newly-Weds

The sitch: It's for them that the wedding bells toll and having a helping hand with finances is great. But building a family is no piece of wedding-cake. There's a home to mind and a baby on the way. This may be a challenge that’ll get their hands full.

The gift: As future parents with growing careers, life will only become more hectic for the couple. When they’re busy making sure the kids are alright, sometimes they forget about themselves. 

Critical Care Max is an affordable and flexible protection plan that makes sure that the family’s future is secure no matter what happens. Even when life hits them with unexpected sickness or early stage critical illness, the plan eases the burden with cash benefits. Even better, now that the policy is charged with Philam Vitality, living healthier gives them additional life coverage aside from exclusive perks and privileges the whole family can enjoy! 

The Startup Guru

The sitch: Your best friend has finally transformed her Instagram store into a full-fledged business. What she didn’t expect is a new team of employees with their own hopes and dreams. While you’re both excited about joining the startup revolution, it’s a different story when it comes to making sure she keeps her team happy and protected to bring out their best performance. 

The gift: In a startup environment where each employee double-triple-quadruple-hats, it’s almost too easy to overlook one’s safety. With everyone making deliveries, moving from one meeting to another, manning bazaars and buying supplies, one accident big or small can have a huge impact on the business and on the employee. 

Help your friend secure her most important asset: her people. For as low as one peso per day for each employee, BPI-Philam’s flexible Group Accident policy provides employees a plan that will suit their protection needs. Whether it’s making sure road accidents are covered during deliveries or personal injury is attended to during day-to-day operations, a small seed money for your friend’s Group Accident policy goes a long way.

The OFW Member

The sitch: We all have that relative, whether it’s a parent, a sibling, or your favorite aunt or uncle, working doubly hard than anyone in another country. They may be all alone, but they continuously work hard to keep sending help back home. Until they can come back for good, why not help them save up for themselves and their own families, too?

The gift: Getting close family members and relatives insured is as easy as signing them up as a dependent of your own. Instead of having them put all their investments in through the local currency, Invest Dollar Max breathes life into their hard-earned money. The plan also helps them prepare and build for the future by allowing them to participate in the financial market to help them achieve their goals while providing life insurance coverage. Should they decide to send their children abroad to school or travel with their family, the policy also helps protect their dollars so their families can enjoy their wealth with them.

Your Parents

The sitch: Your parents aren’t getting any younger, and they’ve given you everything you need to help you be the most successful you can be. With the many sacrifices they’ve made for us, our parents certainly deserve our appreciation and gratitude. It’s time their hard work paid off as you help them take it easy with their preparations for retirement.

The gift: Helping with the family’s finances is a wonderful idea. Now you can help your parents by protecting their assets even as they retire, with Build Estate plus. As your dependents, help them guard their future and secure their legacy through a plan that can look over their assets and cover their estate taxes. By helping them plan their estate, you’re also helping your parents feel burden-free, as if they’ve lived beyond their lifetime.

Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations, help your loved one build a good future for the next 5, 10, 15 years and beyond. All it takes is a visit to any BPI branch nationwide to get you and your loved one started.

Show them you care. Know which BPI-Philam products best suit you and your loved ones by visiting:www.bpi-philam.com. 

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