Where to look for Vietnamese Rice Noodles in Cavite

          Recently, my friends and I ventured the South to try some Vietnamese Rice noodles. It was my first time to try such kind of restaurant which apparently sprouted in certain parts of Palawan. It was not an ordinary one and it was even better than Ramen! The bread partnered with it complements the flavor of the noodles. Vietnamese noodles becomes extra soft like rice. It is sourced from Palawan straight to Evangelista street, Barangay Maliksi 3 in Bacoor Cavite. 

D' Master Chaolong House is your place to go to for delicious and affordable Vietnamese Rice Noodles.

Chao Long is a flat, thin rice noodles in a sweet-savory broth with your preferred meats (beef, buto-buto or beef bones, and pork)

Available in four variants: Beef Stew, Viet Bulalo,  Pork Buto-Buto, and Pork Buto-Buto with Beef Stew

French bread: with Garlic, Chicken, Cheese, Beef, Garlic & Cheese, and Pork

As stated above, the Vietnamese noodles and French bread are complementary. Better eat the bread while it's soft. If taken home, it can be reheated in the oven and it will still be perfect!

Pansit Chaolong
Their pansit is a D' Master Chaolong Food house original. It is equally yummy and soft as the Vietnamese Rice noodles. Best served with Basil leaves and bean sprouts. 

It looks and tastes absolutely great!

The hospitable owners of D' Master Chaolong House

Above is their price list. Their prices are relatively cheap compared to Vietnamese food chains I know.

As I always say, the true test is in the tasting. I can assure you that it is worth the visit!

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