Piolo Pascual takes the road to rediscovery in "Northern Lights: A Journey to Love” screening in key countries via TFC@theMovies

The multi-awarded actor joins Yen Santos and Raikko Matteo for the first time in a movie that’s both a rich narrative and a visual delight, screening starting this March

Quezon City, Philippines (March 30, 2017) 
– Celebrated actor and producer Piolo Pascual embarks on a new film adventure as he stars and co-producers the latest heart-warming drama, “Northern Lights: A Journey to Love,” screening in key countries worldwide via TFC@theMovies.

This March, Star Cinema and Regal Entertainment together with Pascual’s Spring Films bring you a story of a struggling overseas Filipino (Charlie Sr.) in Alaska who tries to be a father to his estranged child (played by child starRaikko Mateo (Charlie Jr.) from a former relationship.

In this journey, he meets Yen Santos (Angel)a woman who is also in search of herself after a broken heart and her mother also in the same land.

Even with the beauty of the country, coldness permeates the three characters with the loneliness they feel as Piolo Pascual tries to prove himself worthy of becoming a parent, Mateo yearns for the genuine love of a father and Santos tries to come to terms with Pascual’s offer of love and her own search for individuality. 

Shot mostly in New Zealand and partly in Alaska, “Northern Lights” A Journey to Love” not only presents a soulful narrative of the three lost souls but also a beautiful display of the Northern Hemisphere via the breathtaking aurora borealis.
According to director Dondon Santos, the inspiration came from a trip to Alaska three years ago.  “We conceptualized this story of a father who can’t connect with his child and we thought of Piolo.  When we pitched it to him, he wanted it.  Then we collaborated on how we can improve on the story.”

The story resonates well with Pascual because it hits home as he used to be an overseas Filipino himself.  “This is the reality – Filipinos getting separated from their families.  So I told myself, I wanted to do something real, something relatable with the audience. So when they pitched the script, something that speaks of reality, I leaned towards accepting the project.”

Meantime, Santos who considers herself lucky to be paired with Pascual in her first onscreen performance, says “I am thankful.  I believe everything happens for a reason --- why I was chosen.” 
Catch the heart-warming the story of Charlie Sr. Charlie Jr. and Angel as it screens via TFC@theMovies in the following countries and dates: Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain) on March 30; U.S. and Canada on March 31; UK April 1 and 2; Austria on April 1; Rome and Milan on April 2; Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea on April 6; Saipan on April 7; Hong Kong on April 16; Singapore on April 23; and coming soon in more countries.

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