Treat yourself to Carnival Food Park in Marikina!

Known for shoes, Marikina has more to offer..

Good Food!

Carnival is a food park that is more than meets the eye. Looks entertaining and definitely something for the whole family. The entrance is Instagram-worthy and the stalls are plenty. 26 in total. Here are the stalls to look out for:

Hip on

Foodtrips are not complete without seafood. The owner of the place credits his mother for the recipes. We all know mom's cooking is always the best. Seafood Platter is P450, Baked Mussels P180 and Calamares P150.


Seafood platter

Havey desserts

Havey desserts is next on the list. Such creative name for a sweets place. The owner, Angel Bautista, started out baking cakes for her baby so she can save and the rest as they say, is history. Her husband is her partner in this food venture. It turns out she has a knack for baking and it is now proving to be a profitable hobby. Recommended are: Yemahh Cupcake P60. Nutella Stuffed , Redvelvety Cupcake P70, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cup with Ice Cream P110.

Redvelvety Cupcake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cup with Ice Cream

Yemahh Cupcake and Nutella stuffed


Sounds like your local kitchen but it really isn't. This is not just your usual Filipino dish. Owners Laurence and Elena Lagamson are fond of food and got creative by making a better traditional dish. They offer Filipino food with a twist. Must tries are Kaldereta P155, Tapaleng P135 and Sisig Roll P80.



Sisig Roll

Brewskie Pasta Hub

Originally, the guys at Brewskie had a different idea in mind. They ventured into a new field and they did it well! They now offer pasta. Their Vigan Longganisas are direct from Laoag, Wen Manong costs P188, and they experimented  with a hit and made it yummier which they now call Kung Fu which is at P168. It is their bestseller, by the way.

Kung Fu. Yes it looks like Charlie Chan but it tastes better!

Planet Sausage

Everything sausage! Do not forget to try Zesty Saturn, Saturn in a bun and last but not the least, Pluto Platter.

Saturn in-a-bun

Zesty Saturn

Pluto Platter

Entrepreneur Charmaine Reyes with her master chef Marco Bitong partnered to give you Sushirrito. Word play at its best. Do the math: Sushi + Burrito. Marco loves sushi so much that he created these awesome dishes. FYI, their ingredients are from Japan, where sushi originated. I recommend the Chicken Karaage Sushirrito P170, California Maki Sushirrito P160, and Beef Misono Sushirrito P180.

If you live in Marikina then then you're in luck. The place is easy to access and the parking lot is enough to accommodate a lot of patrons. If you don't live nearby then you better get there ASAP and see what the buzz is all about! Live bands can be expected on a certain day of the week, by the way. Here are the directions: Along Marcos Highway, pass by Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and make a U-turn. From PS Bank near Yellow Cab and Mcdonald's, go straight along Mayor Gil Fernando Ave and you will see it at the left hand side.

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